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Introduction to Computer (Fundamental Concept)


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Introduction to Computer (Fundamental Concept) Introduction to Computer (Fundamental Concept), Advantage of Computer, Importance of Computer, Main Component of Computer, Definition of Software and Hardware
Introduction to Computer (Fundamental Concept)

The word computer has been taken from Latin word computer which means to calculate or count. Computer is an electronic machine which is competent of receiving information and knowledge in a specific form and fulfills the series of operation in agreement with advance established and other way can say a human who make working out, particularly with a calculation machine.

Definition of Software and Hardware:

Software is the program which is the most important factor of computer and the operating information utilize for the computer. Software is the group of key to install into the computer hardware. Hardware is the physical gadget, machinery, tool and other physical components of a computer or other electronic system or physical parts of a computer or other electronic system.


Internet browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer

Photo / Graphics program such as Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw 

Operating system such as Android, iOS, Linux, macros, Windows 

Movie player such as VLC, Windows Media Player

Main Component of Computer:

Computer has many most important parts which I have written below:

Hardware, Random Access Memory (RAM) (known As Memory), Optical drive

Display adapter, Processor of CPU (central processing unit)

Mother board known as base board or logic system

Power supply unit (PSU), DVD and CD drive

Importance of Computer:

At the present time computer education has played important role in our Society. Computer show the benefit in our youth. The current youth students like the modern education and also technological advancement is occurred in our life. The importance of computer is almost growth all over the world so its mean this is era of modern education so it’s very must to learn computer education. Our new juvenile accepts with happiness the modern education such as computer education and they are advanced and very talented. We can say the technology is in the era of new generation.

Advantage of Computer:

In these time computer make us near to the relatives who live an out of the country due to computer education we can get any kind of information and will know everything and close to the modern education. Computer education helps us to how to improve pronunciation by using specific websites and software. This is very beneficial for us a person who have full in this kind of technology he /she can easily achieve the jobs without any difficulty, canto any business, obtain a jobs in counting and there are too many jobs for that person who have full command in computer or modern education and Because of computer we can contact all over the world.

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Friday, December 29, 2017

PEEF OPEF Scholarship For Overseas Pakistanis 2017

The PEEF has announced the Scholarship so the interested applicant can apply for this scholarship which is under PEEF (Punjab Educational Endowment Fund) and OPEF (Overseas Pakistanis Education Fund) Scholarship Program) as well OPF (Overseas Pakistanis Foundation) indicated the gift for the students. Which is more than 732 Scholarships to commendable students who is relating to foreign country Pakistani can submit with OPF (Overseas Pakistanis Foundation) for the students of intermediate level, graduate level and master LEVEL.

Last Date Of Applying;

The last date of this scholarship 31 December, 2017

PEEF OPEF Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

  • Those applicant can apply for this who have gotten 60% percent in SSC (Secondary School Certificate), HSSC (High Secondary School Certificate) in annual exam 2017 managed by the BISE 9 Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education) of Pakistan and Graduated level scholarship applicants must have 60 percent marks got in B.a | BS| | BBA | etc. from BISE in 2015 / 2016/ 2017.
  • Those Applicants whose father monthly earning is equal to or less than Rs. 50,000/- Monthly can apply for this PEEF OPEF (Overseas Pakistanis Education Fund).
  • Those candidates who are taking any other scholarship are not allowed for applying in this scholarship and those who is waiting for final result are not permitted for this PEEf OPEF Scholarships.
  • Those Applicants who are interested in this scholarship must have their provincial Domicile or Local. 
  • The applicant’s parents (one of them) must be a submitted member of (Overseas Pakistanis Education Fund) OPF will be valid for 3 years after permanent to come back. 
  • The interested applicant should Attach in Educational Institutes associated with accepted by HEC | Universities | local Boards and passing the SSC in same Year in annual examination and for graduated should have undertaking public sector university of Pakistan during the present academic year 2017. 


The Below Following Students are not eligible for this PEEf OPEf Scholarship.

  •  Those students who improve the marks and those students who have passed examination in supplementary section.
  • Those students who have cleared the previously mentioned examination with grace marks are not allowed for this scholarship. 
  • Those children of departed is submitted OP's are also allowed applying in only one cause his/her parent has died within limit 03 years until the last date of this advertisement of PEEF OPEF (Overseas Pakistanis Education Fund).


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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

University Of Karachi (UOK) Evening Program Admission 2018

Introduction UOK:

UOK (University of Karachi) is in the first position in higher education in Pakistan. UOK is consists of too many department, research academies and well qualified abilities. This UOK Admission program is for evening time with various master and bachelor programs in MCS, BS, BLIS, DLG and other courses is going to be start for those students who take interest in this program UOK 2018. UOk complete the all facilities of students. And this UOK evening program can take admission in this such as in master degree, bachelor degree, certificate program, different programs of diploma 2018. Those candidates who are interested in taking admission in this program have o ready for entry test which will be taken from the program management of university of Karachi. Those applicants who will clear the entry test of university of Karachi will be waiting for merit list. When their names comes in finale merit list then those candidates will be allow for taking admission in university of Karachi (UOKJ) which will be close in the near future. This evening a program 2018 is on the basis of Self expenditure until the arrangement of fee is in the limit and highly contributed.

NOTE: The last date of Admission is 31 Dec, 2017

Method of Applying for UOK:

  • The dorm of university of Karachi should be written carefully and correctly before last date. All information should be according to documents otherwise form may be rejected.
  • The admission fee of this is 1500 hundred and this will be deposit in Silver Jubilee Gate Booth of UBL, University Branch in office time and from UBL University Campus branch before the last date of admission.

Eligibility Criteria of University of Karachi (UOK):

  • This admission will be on the basis of degree and certificate which is gifted by the boards sector or university of Pakistan. Applicants should give the complete form before the admission date expired.3
  • Those applicants who are taking admission in BSSE and BSCS must have at least minimum 55 percent marks for required admission.
  • If you want to know about the total seats of different programs and schedulers so you can visit to University of Karachi (UOK) official website in prospectus form.

UOK Evening Program Admission 2018, Introduction of UOK, Method of Applying For UOK, Eligibility criteria of UOK, Application Form of UOK,
University Of Karachi (UOK) Evening Program Admission 2018

I have cleared all method of applying for admission o UOk if you have any problem so you can ask from me through comments.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Life History of Muhammad Ali Jinnah ( Quad-e-Azam)

Introduction of Muhammad Ali Jinnah (quad-e-Azam):

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History of  Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born in 25 December, !876 and died 11 September 1948.  Muhammad Ali Jinnah is the Founder of Pakistan. His sister name was Dina Wadia. He is the father of nation known as Baba-i-Qaum. .His grandfather name was Poonja Gokuldas Meghji and he was Hindu. He received is started education from Karachi After that he admitted in Madrsa-tul-Islam in Sindh. he cleared his matriculation in 1895 and after that his father decide to send him in England for further education and his parents decide that before he go in England they did his arrange marriage. He took his Barrister's degree from Inchon’s known as bar of England as well He achieves the law degree. When he come back in Karachi 1986 he realize that his father business was not good as before. Jinnah has degree of law so he started practice in Bombay, India. And he took many year to created himself as a lawyer.

He was a lawyer as well great leader. He struggle for all India Muslim league from 1913 till the independence of Pakistan on 14 august, 1947. In month of May 1928 Muhammad ali Jinnah left the England and come back after 6 month. He made the viewpoint of Muslim strong under the fourteen (14) items and these points become the point of Muhammad ali Jinnah IN 1929. THE Birth of Muhammad ali jnnah is the national holiday of Pakistan. He was the first governor general of Pakistan after the independence or partition from the India.

Struggle of Muhammad Ali Jinnah:

Quad-e-Azam trusts and realize that the Muslim of the India subcontinent must have own state or voice so the Muslim league by quad-e-Azam passed the Lahore resolution in Muslim league got strength and the other side leader of congress were in jail during second world war and after this war Muslim league get many seats for Muslim and finally Muslim got a new state whose name was Pakistan in 14 august 1947 after that Muhammad Ali Jinnah become the first governor General  of Pakistan and then he created the new policies and government for progress the Pakistan. That that numerous of people migrate from India to Pakistan and for that government create the campus.He ports a extensive and respected legacy in Pakistan. He made too many streets, roads and theb position in the world. he made numerous of School, colleges, universities and public building in Pakistan. He was greatest leader in history.

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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Sindh PEEF Scholarship 2018 Metric & Intermediate

PEEF Scholarship For the Province Of Sindh:

PEEF (Punjab Educational Endowment Fund established the scholarship for Metric level and Intermediate Level Students. This scholarship is for the province of Sindh. Those students who are interested in this scholarship can apply for this scholarship. This scholarship will have to give to those students who have the confidence, talent, ability and achieved the excellent Marks in metric & intermediate from the board of intermediate and secondary education of Sindh. Students should have taken minimum 60% percent marks in metric and intermediate from the board of Sindh. This scholarship is for the domicile of Sindh and other provinces candidates who have their provinces domicile are not eligible for this scholarship. This scholarship is just for the province of Sindh. This scholarship is for those candidates who are fabulous in studying but they cannot get for further education who have finance problem, for minorities and whose father was died can apply for this Sindh PEEF Scholarship 2018 Metric, Intermediate.

Eligibility Criteria of Sindh PEEF Scholarship 2018:

Only above Candidates can apply For this Scholarships.

  • Those candidates can apply for this scholarship who have cleared metric and intermediate from government institute.
  • Those applicants whose father grade is (grade 1 to grade 4) are eligible for this scholarship.
  • Those applicants who have the domicile of Sindh can apply for this scholarship.
  • Applicants should have first division or 60% marks in metric and intermediate level are eligible for this scholarship.
  • Those candidates whose parents’ monthly salary is maximum 15, 000 thousand can apply for this.
  • Those students can apply whose father is died in bomb blast, who is orphan, handicap and minorities can apply for this.

PEEF Scholarship 2018 for Sindh, PEEF Scholarship for Province Of Sindh, Eligibility Criteria of Sindh PEEF 2018, PEEF Application Form, Applying Method OF PEEF,
Sindh PEEF Scholarship 2018 Metric & Intermediate

Application method of Sindh PEEF Scholarship 2018:

Application form of this scholarship can find through websites which is on in the office time. You can easily get the form through online as well you can achieve from PEEF Office and you can go to school and college. The application should be completed carefully and submit before the expiry date in government college of educational department in Sindh and by hand application will be rejected. Those candidates who have applied for other PEEF scholarship and waiting for result are not eligible for this Scholarship.


Last that of this Scholarship is 20 January, 2018.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

HEC Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programmed 2018 Online Application

Introduction of HEC Scholarship programme 2018:

Higher education commission of Pakistan request to all Pakistani and AJk applying in HEC Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programmed 2018-19 for 2 year master 4 year bachelor and 3 year PhD studies opted subjects start by the Hungarian government higher education and scientific exchange programme. This scholarship will be gifted on merit academy basis, Talent of the applicant and those applicants who progress the Pakistan. This scholarship is arranged by HEC Islamabad and by the help of tempus public foundation, Hungry.

Eligibility criteria of HEC Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programmed 2018: 

  • This Scholarship will be gifted limited opted programs which will be officially recognized or authorized by the PMDC or PEC. 
  • Candidates can apply through online applications and by hand application will be neglected. 
  • Students who are now waiting for their result or those candidates who are taking advantage of any other Higher Education Commission of Pakistan are not recognized to apply for this scholarship program. 
  • HEC Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programmed 2018-19 for 2 year master 4 year bachelor and 3 year PhD studies. 

Application Requirement of HEC Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programmed 2018 application:

Before applying for this scholarship must read the requirement of this which is written below

  • The candidates can apply only through online and by handed application will be dismiss. Application should be online through HEC web Sites and have to deposit 300 hundred rupee. You can deposit the fee any branches of HBL.
  • The Incomplete form will be rejected and after expiry date will also be rejected the application.
  • Those candidates who applied in HEC other scholarship and waiting for result will not be allowed for applying in this scholarship.
  • After the final selection the applicants must collect the bond agreement and not allowed for withdraw from the HEC Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship.

Important NOTE:

HEC Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programmed 2018 Eligibility criteria of HEC Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programmed 2018 Application Requirement of HEC Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programmed 2018 application
HEC Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programmed 2018
  1. The last date of applying in of HEC Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programmed 2018 application is 31 January, 2018.
  2. Only those students can apply who have professional degree such as engineering, medical, agriculture computer engineering, civil engineering, biological engineering and electric engineering and so on.
  3. Candidates decline HEC nomination will barricade for 5 year to apply in HEC programme.
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Monday, December 18, 2017

PEEF Special Quota Intermediate | Graduation Scholarship 2017-2018

Intermediate and Graduation PEEF Scholarship of 2017-2018:

The PEEF (Punjab Educational Endowment fund) is giving Quota for graduation and intermediate scholarship 2017-18. These scholarship is available for those candidates who all allowed and deserving for this scholarship. The PEEF was established by chief minister of Punjab. His motto was to bright those candidates who are full of talent but due to finance problem they can go for further study. This scholarship is rights of talented and deserving applicant. In started time the budget of PEEF was 2 billion which is now increases to 8 billion by the toiled of government of Punjab which is the identification of progress. This PEEF (Punjab educational endowment fund) was put on record under the unit 42 of the company command. The government of Punjab is carry on their struggle of masking school, colleges, universities with scholarship of full concession of fee and free education And free book so that the applicant can show their talent and bright the of and well bright the Pakistan

Method of applying for PEEF 2017-18:

  1. The last date of applying is for intermediate or equal to intermediate is 10 January, 2018.
  2. For graduate or equal to graduate can apply before last date 24 January, 2018
  3. Only below applicant apply for this scholarship. 
  4. Government employee children can apply for this whose grade will be 1 to 4 grades.
  5. This scholarship is for disable maim candidates.
  6. For those applicants whose parents are died.
  7. Minorities’ religious candidates can also apply for this.
Only above candidates can apply for this scholarship PEEF 2017-18. You can submit the form from taking from PEEF office through post.

Download the Form of PEEF Special Quota Intermediate, Graduation Scholarship 2017-2018:

PEEF Scholarship Documents Requirement’s:

Those candidates who are taking interest to applying for PEEF scholarship so those candidates should clear the following documents before applying for PEEF scholarships 2017-18.

  1. Dead certificates of your father copy will be need for this and certificate should furnish from UN (union council.
  2. Pension book or Last pay slip copy must be attached.
  3. The certificate should be furnished by the applicable religious academy.
  4. Maim and disable certificate should furnished by the DHQ (district health quarter), THQ (tehsil headquarter) and RHC.

Contact for more information:

Link Wahdat Road, Lahore 

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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Agriculture University Peshawar Test Result | Merit List 2018

Introduction of UAP:

Agriculture University Peshawar Test Result | Merit List 2018 | UAP Test Result, Merit List 2018: | Introduction of UAP:
Agriculture University Peshawar Test Result
 | Merit List 2018
The University of Agriculture Peshawar UAP was accepted in 1981 for general Public type University. It is associated with HEC Pakistan and happens in the list of University of veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore. University of Agriculture Peshawar every year plan admissions for undergraduate level graduate level programs in medical and Agricultural fields. It easier by giving the merit based scholarships for allowed applicant. The University of Agriculture Peshawar since the time of its creation has manufacture well trained and well-mannered graduates who play a essential role in agricultural fields of life.

UAP Test Result, Merit List 2018:

Agriculture University Peshawar test result, merit list has been published which is available here. That applicant who applies in this department can check here as well that applicant who attempts the entry test. If you are for this so you in exact page or place don’t go anyway you can check Agriculture University Peshawar test result you can achieve here. You have to take attention to know about UAP test result. Those applicants who apply for this and clear the entry test of this will soon call for taking interview for UAP test result 2018. Notification of entry test is very compulsory for everyone who applied for this. Those students who meet with the entitled standard but break down in the exam of entry test will be ignored endowment admission for any case.

Agriculture University Peshawar Merit List, Test Result 2018 is soon is announced here through the officials. So if you have cleared and appeared in the entry test then you are recommending and connecting with this websites because this will give you information about this result of every moment and tell you about result with the very next second after the officials of UAP announced it. You will get latest news about entry test exam as well this will show in the form of merit list. Those students who will successfully clear the exam of entry test will show the name of their name in the UAP merit list 2018.

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Study in USA Visa Guidelines for Students

Introduction USA:

USA is the Country which is  in North America containing of 48 adjoining states and the non-continuous states of Alaska and Hawaii. The forty eight states between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, south of Canada and north of Mexico. 

Study in USA Student Visa, Study in USA Visa Requirements, Study in USA F-1 Visa, Visa for Study in USA, USA Visa Application Documents Checklist,
Study in USA Visa Guidelines for Students

Here you will find about how to get students visa in USA in detail as well applying method with successfully.

Due to well education USA become the preferred in the whole world. Student Visa is acheiving in USA is not that much difficult but it will take some time. It’s depends on your work hard or toiled. There are numerous of international students who are studying there. Those students are register for high school, college, universities in United States. There are too many students who are able to run into the every year for VISA. The United States invited to all abroad students to universities, colleges and high school and after getting education many Chances come for employment in United States.

If we talk about F1 visa holder and gifted us f-2 visa dependently. This gives the permission to leave in United States foe providing limit and until the finished. They can get a jobs but it will not permitted. There are too many kinds of institution, degree program, entry requirement, academics and that pacific subject which are specialized.

The USA does not give the visa for all time this will be for limited time and it’s depends on course and lengthy period but does not allow for permanently settlements. Those candidates who are applying for this will migrate through of all classes’ students. 

List which is must for Applicant:

You must start putting your hold up the documents in advance Before Applying for Visa Students USA complete below documents firstly and you have to provide all documents which they need.

  1. Four Photographs (With white background only) 
  2. Original IELTS or applicable outcome Report 
  3. Fee of higher commission 
  4. Experience letter with evidence 
  5. The Copy of all Educational written versions has taken along with IELTS/TOEFL outcome report. 
  6. All Original Educational & other Documents (Must attested from IBCC and HEC) 
  7. Original Passport along with copy (Be Valid for minimum for 6 months) 
  8. Evidence Educational Gap 

So these are list which you must have ready before applying it. If you have any problem you may ask from n hourly answer will give as soon as possible.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

District Wise Punjab Educator Jobs 2017-18 Merit Lists

District Wise Punjab Educator Jobs Merit Lists:

If you are searching for District Wise Educator Jobs 2017-18 Merit List so don’t go away you are in exact place. The establishment of Pakistan has launched in province of Punjab for assistance educator and educators. The main root of this department is to keep going and progress the institute and school such as middle primary matric and intermediate. The Pakistan Government noticed the recruit on excellence basis and for the ambition to take entry test for the pleased and prepared candidates. These jobs will be on contract based jobs but after some time this may take place in permanent jobs. We find lack of seats in this department. This will be on merit basis and without inequity cast religion and gender. All are can submit the application. The criteria of this department and method or way of applying and rest of information are written below.

Eligibility Criteria:

District Wise Punjab Educator Jobs Merit Lists, Eligibility Criteria Punjab educator jobs, method of applying District Wise Punjab Educator Jobs,
District Wise Punjab Educator Jobs 2017-18 Merit Lists
Those applicant are allowing to submit the application for least possible for these jobs. 

The college selected students make reference as for the interview.

The most important is to clear the text of entry test exam to go for next step.

The selection will be on contract basis but may possible to become the permanent after some time.

Only that application submitted who follow the demand of this department otherwise e incomplete information may be rejected.

Anyone can apply for this because there is no limit of age.

The job will be given by district wise or the native of that district.

District Wise Punjab Educator Jobs 2017-18 Advantageous Lists:

Those applicants who are ready for applying this jobs can easily download the form of this department through official sites EDO as well you can in BDO office which is situated in each district of Punjab province. Form should be complete otherwise it may be rejected and the selection will be confirmed after the entry test exam and entry test exam.

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Monday, December 11, 2017

University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore (UVAS) Scholarship Program through HEC Need Based:

Scholarship of UVAS:

You may take interest:  What is Scholarships 

HEC has begun to start scholarship program which is on need based which will be helpful and beneficial for Pakistani students financially. Those students who have the ability and sensible better institute or academic record but unfortunately they cannot take higher education due to their economically problems are allowed for this need based scholarship. This scholarship is based on merit and evaluation of need. Selection will be made on the basis of given information authorize from after expected verification. A fixed regular sum paid as salary or stipend will be PKR, 6000/- per month as well tuition free.

Note: Need basis scholarship program will be gifted to those students who are currently enrolled in academic period or session 2017-18 and the other one are not eligible for this scholarship. You can see for more information below in listed style.

Eligibility Criteria:

Scholarship is only available for morning time students who are register in 1st September in period 2017-18 in DVM, Doctor of Nutrition, Pharm-D and all degree, all BS ( Hons) and Dietetics/ program UVAS.

Those students whose family whose monthly income maximum 45,000 and less than 45,000 they are eligible for this scholarship.

Note: application should be submitted before the last date of this scholarship.

How to Apply:

Those students who are interested in this scholarship program which is on need basis. They can apply through online as well through your institute. Those application which comes after the expire date will not be acceptable.

Contact sources of UVAS:

Tel: (director) 042-99213937

(PBX) 99211449/Ext:329



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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Importance of Islamic Education


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Education mean to aware about something, its mean to bring changes in our life, in our society, I our environment. Education signifies to bring the moral ethic or in human being. Education is the main factor which tells us difference between educated or literate person and uneducated or illiterate person.

Islamic Education:

define education Importance of Islamic education Islamic education advantages prophet Muhammad
Importance of Islamic education and benefits

Islamic education is the study in which we study about the Islam, the religion of Muslim which follows the rule and regulation of the Holy Book Quran and the Last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and it’s our faith that Allah almighty revealed the Quran Pak on Muhammad (PBUH) and he is the Messenger of Allah Almighty. Muslim follows the Islamic Studies, Madras-ah, Islamic humanities, Arabic Education these all comes in Islamic Education.

Islamic Education Importance:

Islamic education is most important for every Muslim and must be follow the Islam rule and regulation. We must give attention the holy Book Quran Pak, on Islamic education, study of Islamic, so that we can easily select the right. We should know the Importance of Islamic education. Every one of them have the rights to Achieve and learn Islamic education because Islam says that education is compulsory for every one whether male or female another place Islam say that get education even you have to reach china. Education is the key of success and code of our life. Islamic is the part of Muslim life without Islam we having no prospect of progress. The Muslims are Unite and grip the Islamic value tightly for the ambition of to be strong and unite so then never come down in the world as well in the judgment day. Muslims must know attached with in Islamic Studies and should know about Muhammad (PBUH), Quran and Message of Allah Almighty.

Islamic Education Advantage:

Islamic Education has Numerous of Benefits which changes our whole life we achieve comfortable. In our vicinity should have an Islamic school, academy where Islamic education should be teach step by step and the life of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the holly Quran and should be tell the humanity that what Quran says and should be translated into all language such as English, Urdu, Persian, Japanese, Spanish, British, Turkic another translate it so that every know about Islam that what isla says and how to follow it or accept it. We know each and every thing such as our prophet Muhammad (PBUh) struggle in Arab for Islam and spread the Islam in Makah and Medina in Arab and How Islam come with us because of the work hard of prophet, scholar. We find all solution in in Islamic Education.

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

History of Pakistan (Islamic Republic of Pakistan)

History of Pakistan (Islamic Republic of Pakistan) Pakistan meaning pakistan founder Muhammad ali jinnah History of Pakistan
History of Pakistan (Islamic Republic of Pakistan)

Pakistan Meaning:

You may attention in

The abbreviation of Pakistan is Punjab, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Islam or Indus and Sindh. The tan is said to be appear for Baluchistan another way the word Pakistan mean pure land according to Persian and Urdu. The word (Pak) mean is pure in Pashto and Persian. The historical event of Islamic republic of Pakistan is commencing with 23th march 1956. The supremacy of Pakistan has gone into solution and Due to the struggle of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Ilama Iqba and Pakistan movement British India has divided into partition. Finally Pakistan got independence in 14 august 1947.

Founder of Pakistan:

The founder of Pakistan is Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah who was born in Karachi in 25 December 1876 and died 11 September 1948 after independence. When Pakistan got Independence the first Governor General of Pakistan was Muhammad Ali Jinnah due to his struggle and efforts. Pakistani people call him Quaid- Azam as well the father of Pakistan.

History of Pakistan:

The word Pakistan created presented in conference by Choudhary Rahmat Ali, on 28 January 1933 and flag was designed by Amiruddin Kidwai. The first prime minister was Liaquat Ali khan. After the dead of Muhammad Ali Jinnah the Islamic Schlor called him greatest Muslim. Muhammad Ali Jinnah Was Message of discipline, faith and unity and struggle of fulfill his desire which is that Pakistani people should be uniting in the world under the great flag. The effort of scholar Maulana Maulana Shabbir Ahmad Usmani Pakistan name was interchange into Islamic state. After the partition too many people was migrated from India in Pakistan. Land related problem was solves between India and Pakistan was solved with Line of Control in and Afghanistan with specific name Durand line in 1949. Pakistan and India fought first war in 1947.

The first capital of Pakistan was Karachi after some time the capital was changed and new capital was known as Islamabad in 14 august 1967. Liaquat Ali Khan made the strongest government to progress the Pakistan.Iran was the country who accepts or recognized the independence of Pakistan. Pakistan made a good relation with other Muslim countries and Muhammad Ali Jinnah decided the national language which is known as Urdu and second governor general was Sir Khawaja Nazimuddin. The first Constitution was declared in 23 march 1956. Pakistan and India fought four war because the problem of Kashmir. The first war which is fought in 1965 was defeated the India and 1999 the Pakistan become the super nuclear power in 28 may 1999. This is briefly history of Islamic public of Pakistan.

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Road traffic Accident and Safety Precautions

Road traffic Introduction:

Road traffic Accident and Precautions road Traffic introduction Road Accident Road traffic precautions
Road traffic Accident and Precautions
Road traffic precaution represent the procedure is utilized for to stop the road accident. Many people killed and injured which is necessary to prevent it. Road traffic consists of cyclist, motorist, car buses, van, pedestrians, vehicles passenger (motor, bike, car, truck, buses, train, watercraft, ships, and boats), horse rider, public transport such as coaches. In pedestrian people walk or running on foot, and also other comes in pedestrians such as skateboards, scooter, wheel chair and roller skates. Cyclist is common as bike and cycling which utilize as transport, relaxation, sports, play and entertainment and this also tricycle and unicycle and Quadracycle. These are including in road traffic.

Road accident:

In passage of time the quantity of traffic bus car vehicles etc. are increasing day in and day out due to road accident are increasing. Every day we heard about road accident in social media and news channels, newspaper, there is reason of road accident such as:

Many driver took smoking, drugs, drinking wine, do to driver mistake road accident occurred and the transport are not in good condition or repair and maybe any problems such as break fail, tires burst, wiring problem this is cause of road accident.

Accident may be occurring due to animals crossing; deadly curves, street racing, using mobile phones reckless driving, and it can be because of raining. They don’t follow the traffic sign and cross the road and accident happened because the teenager drives.

Night driving, ice, snow, fog can be dangerous and got accident. People drive the car in wrong way, quickly turns that also causes accidents.

Road traffic precaution:

We should try to secure ourselves because life is very important for every one mistake, accident can destroy the whole life of the people. Its better take attention before this happens so its better to ten minutes late which is better than any accident. We have follow above step to protect ourselves such as

We should try to follow the rule and regulation of traffic police and follow the traffic sign and so that we need both helps government and public. Sign board had important function to stop the accident. We must obey and gives respect to traffic police.

Our road are shall in good conditions and should put sign board in every circle and roads and who break the rule should be charged strictly so that accident can be stop.

Driver must check the condition of vehicles, brakes, tires, lights, should repair it with mechanic then drive it and use the good quality tires.

We should avoid the using mobile phones and drinking, smoking, taking drugs during driving. And night driver should sleep 8 hour according to doctor. Driver one mistake may demolish the life of man.

Driver must wear seat belt every time because seat belt is very beneficial for driver. In school time driver should drive slowly and carefully because the child is so innocent so we cannot estimate when they can come on the road.

Finally the person who drives cycle, bike they must wear the helmet to protect themselves and government should charge to those people who don’t wear the helmet.

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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Secondary Education and Classification With Detail

Secondary education:

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Definition of Secondary Education, Classification, Preschool Education, Primary Education, High School, Vocational Education, Secondary Education Career,
Secondary Education and Classification With Detail
Secondary education or secondary school might be called Preschool, Primary School, Middle School, High School, upper school, institution, Academies, physical exercise school, vocational school, post-secondary education or third level and mostly utilize general, and above course. Secondary education coated two stages or period on the base of international typical classification. Every country always focuses on education and desire to give perfect education so system and phraseology should carry on with uniqueness. Achieving education is the basic right of the children and these all education primary, middle, high, vocational education must be free for everyone so if the nation is educated so automatically that country will progress. Education is the based of progressing.

There are following category comes in secondary education which I describe one by one.

Preschool Education:

Preschool mostly prepare for the children which comes under age three to five year. Preschool program could be the reason of children progress. Preschool relates to child life that normally introduce at elementary school called preschool education.

Primary Education:

In primary education mostly prepare for the age of about five to twelve year. In this stage child will learn primary or fundamental or essential education. This primary education comes before secondary school and after preschool. It’s also known as junior high school education or elementary school education and follows in middle school.

Higher Education:

Higher education is known post-secondary education or third level education. This is learnt after completion the secondary education as well this is the way of formal learning. This education is given in the universities and other institute with notable and the way of getting success in various field of life is such as medical treatment, experimental subject and academics activities. Academics study is given in authority and professional institutions. Higher education is also imply in different long established activity of teaching experimentation and circle services to progress the fundamental of education or knowledge through sectors and other industries.

Vocational Education:

Vocational school usually focused on carrier, jobs program which swiftly ready for graduated for the purpose of employees, staff and workforce. In Vocational education object for provided the knowledge, education to the people. In this following course are provided such as vocational school, Trade school, college and community college. These classes give training for jobs, carrier and specific role,

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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Winter Season Health Precaution and Tips (15 Tips)

Winter Season:

Winter Season Health  Precaution winter season health tips winter season foods
Winter Season Health  Precaution and Tips (15 Tips)
There are four season such as winter spring autumn (fall) and summer. Winter Season is known as wintertime, cold season and snow season. Winter season is coldest season of the every year. This season come before spring and after autumn season.

Tips and Precaution in Winter Season: (15 Tips)

In winter season we have too many difficulties such as, strep throat, coldness, runny nose, illness, Croup, cough, Influenza, flu, headache, sore throat, nasal congestion and other diseases. We have to follow be following points to secure ourselves from coldness and above diseases.

  1. In winter Season use the heater in room, office, put the water in steel or iron bowl so that its moisture in our house and when you to bed utilize the cream form hand, face which secure you.
  2. In winter season we have to warm ourselves through wearing coats and other things.
  3. Women should wear rubber gloves when they house work such washings dishes, room cleaning, washing clothes and use the hand lotion.
  4. In winter always wear the hot hat so that coldness does not effect on you.
  5. Don’t use that much hotter water because hot water damage your skin always use only moderately warm water instead of hot water.
  6. Bring changes between hot and cold water in drizzle or shower.
  7. Use the mittens which are also warm to protect your hands and also always coat your mouth with a scarf for protection.
  8. Always wear the gloves when you to outside for anything so that we can secure our hand.
  9. Turn on the upper inner surface of a room or any compartment.
  10. Protect your babies, child in winter season because child mislay more water through breathe from the lungs.
  11. Put any warm things in window to stop the coldness and room will become warm.
  12. If you are suffering from runny nose utilize the cold air humidifier in the room. This will be helpful for nosebleeds.
  13. Utilize the thermostat or a device which maintain the temperature from the certain point. 
  14. If your room is damage so repair it and clean the fireplaces and stop carbon monoxide in urgent situation.
  15. Finally in winter season you should available winter luggage such as Gloves, Blanket, Dry food, Plastics bags, heater and other winter season which are in use in winter.

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Life of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Biography of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH):

The Life of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) | Condition of Arab | Success Of Muhammad (PBUH)
The Life of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH

The prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was born in 570 A.D in Makkah the founder of islam was Muhammad (PBUH his father name was Abdullah ibn Abdul –Muttalib who is died before the birth of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) in Medina his mother was died in madina at the place which is known as Abwa. After the dead of Muhammad (PBUH) father his grandfather Abdul-Muttlaib had taken the responsibility to nourish the Muhammad (PBUH) in that his age was seven year old. After the dead of his father his uncle has taken responsibility to nourish him.

Condition of Arab: 

Allah had Chosen Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to show the right way to the world. He was dissimilar from other boys of his age. He was kind, most merciful, and always helps the other. Due to his honesty and Truthfulness, showing affection people called him Ameen and Sadiq. When Holy Prophet was the age of forty the message came from Allah Almighty that start the preaching and spread the message of Allah. Muhammad (PBUH) has changed the life of the Arab people. Before the preaching the Arab condition was in very bad. They were involved in evils and they did not worship Allah but they follow the Gods and Idols. They were drinking wine and gambling. They do not respect anyone. No was secure in that time and they did fighting and thousand and hundred was killed due to ignorance. They treat with woman like animal and ignorance was occurred everywhere in their then Muhammad (PBUH) has started the preaching.

Preached The People of Arabia:

When he starts the preaching then He asked the people to worship only allaj Almighyt and leave the worship of idol and people becomes the enemy of Muhammad (PBUH) faced many difficulties and troubles but the Holy prophet was full confidence, courage and determination. He never gives up from preaching the start time the few of them accept Islam. Gradually the Work hard of Muhammad (PBUH) was bring the Progress and the follower of Islam was increased. The enemy of his was very furious and they came to his house to kill him. The prophet was already has left that place for M]adina with his friend Abu Bakar. Distance between Makkah to Madina in which was very dangerous. The enemies were looking everywhere and the wanted kill him.

Success of ProphetMuhammad (PBUH):

When Muhammad (PBUH) left the place of Madina. A lot of people has accepted the Islam as well from Makkah. The mesageof Allah reached many Tribes of Arabia. Day in Day out people was accepting the Islam. The huge change was occure due to the work of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). They left figting, gambling, drinking and give the right and respects of women which Islam has given. They live like brother and start offering prayer. After few years all the people had accepted the Islam. The blessinf of Islam spread all over the world from Arab. Islam taught them their duties that how to become unite, strong and powerful. So Islam taught them a complete and successful method of life.Islam is Complete and Perfect Religion. The Quran which is Revealed On Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was the complete message of living life. Here we find all problems solutions and also show us right path. Finally The Islam will always be bright.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Pronoun and its Types


You may like this Part of Speech

A Pronoun is a Part of Speech which is the process of replacing someone or something. Pronoun are utilized to build a sentence which will be not that much unwieldy and boring. 

Pronoun and its Types such as  Personal pronouns Relative pronouns Indefinite pronoun Possessive pronouns Demonstrative pronouns Reciprocal pronouns Intensive pronouns Reflexive pronouns Interrogative pronouns
Pronoun and its Types with Example


Dana is a girl. She is very an intelligent.

She sent a picture to her father yesterday.

These all are He, it, they, we, which, whose, her, she, its, is a pronoun which is replaced by noun. 

Types of Pronoun:

Pronoun has several kinds of pronoun such as 

Personal pronouns:
Relative pronouns:
Indefinite pronouns:
Possessive pronouns:
Demonstrative pronouns:
Reciprocal pronouns:
Intensive pronouns:
Reflexive pronouns:
Interrogative pronouns:

Personal Pronoun:

The personal pronoun identify as he, she, it they, where, who, we, these are called personal pronoun. This will replace by noun to speak on behalf of people. These are called personal noun which are mostly utilize in our daily life.

Relative or comparative pronoun:

Relative pronoun are utilized to give further information to the sentence such as which, who whose, whose, that, whom, are known as relative pronoun.

Possessive Pronoun:

Possessive pronoun is that pronoun which we utilized to show ownership, property. This is also manipulation of adjective which is represented as adjective pronoun such as his, her, us, its, our, they, my, your so these are all called possessive pronoun.

Indefinite or unspecified Pronoun:

Identify pronoun are utilize for a largest group of a pronoun. These are utilize for not detailed things indefinite pronoun are many, few, some, all, anywhere everyone, everywhere, several, each, both, none, one, all are indefinite prono0un which are mostly utilize in our English speaking.

Demonstrative or indicative pronoun:

Demonstrative pronoun are utilized to indicate or specify such as those (Plural) , these (Plural), this(Singular), that (Singular) are called demonstrative pronoun.

Reciprocal Pronoun:

Reciprocal pronouns are known as mutual pronoun utilized for act, undertaking and sensitive or feelings or utilized ti identify the more than two people to follow up the an action are called Reciprocal Pronoun.

Intensive pronoun:

Intensive Pronoun is known as Empathic Pronoun utilized for Pronoun and noun in the sentences to prominence (Emphasize) in English speaking and writing called Intensive Pronoun.

Reflexive Pronoun:

Reflexive pronoun means the thought or idea of the person. Reflexive pronoun is those which is use and denote the Subject and object of the clause or verb mention to the same person or thing such as herself, himself, itself, themselves, ourselves, oneself, yourselves are called reflexive pronoun. 

Interrogative Pronoun:

Interrogation pronoun is utilize for mostly  for asking question and indirect question such as some who and whom mention the person called interrogative pronoun.

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Monday, November 27, 2017

PhD Scholarship to Faculty of Public Sectors Universities (FDP) Program

Faculty development programmed (FDP) Overseas Scholarships for Public Sector Universities

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What is Scholarship

The Application are be invited for gifted of PhD Scholarship to faculty of public sectors universities which have HRD Essential in their PSDP predict or project.

NOTE: The last date of this Scholarship is December 20, 2017

Eligibility Specification:

> The age should be minimum 18 year with MS/ MPhil/ education and corresponding degree for PhD Admission in applicable field.

> AJk and Pakistan nation as identify in contact with universities.

> This must be taken first division in annual exam.

> It should be maximum second division not a third division from academics, career.

> For taking admission must get 50 percent marks in HEC aptitude test.

> The Application should be received before the date has expired which is December 20, 2017.

> Those students who have already taken other scholarships they are not eligible to take this scholarship.

> The Maximum age for this application is 40 year for regular employee of university/ R and d organization and secondly 35 year for all other.

Important Note or Message:

* These scholarships are provided to below universities.

> Universities of Baluchistan technology and engineering khuzdar (Baluchistan only)

> University of AJk Women y, Bagh

> Ghazi University, Dera Ghazi Khan

> University of FATA

> University of Lahore College for Women

> University of Khushhal khan khattak, karak

> National university of modern languages Islamabad

> University of Sardar Bahadur Khan Quetta (Baluchistan Only)

> Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Benazir Abad

> Shaheed mohtarma Benazir Bhutto medical University Larkana

> Baltistan University, Skardu

> University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore (Punjab Only)

> University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar- (FATA, PATA, KPK only)

> Swabi University

> Multan Women University

> Malakand University (KPK, FATA, PATA only)

> Swat University women campus and main campus at Mingora

* The scholarships should be gifted in particular discipline, areas subject for every take part universities institution. The list of discipline will appear in HECas well you can visit to HEC Website which is

* Merit list will be ready in merit bases of information, online data assuming from the applicant. If the information was find wrong the application will be rejected in ant stage,

* The applicant will complete the application form through online process. After submission the information cannot be changed.

* Applicants should be fastened admission in the international universities, countries with inscribe acceptance. For more detail you can visit above HEC website.

* HEC aptitude test should be managed by HEC for following Applicant.

>  Engineering and IT
> social science, arts and humanities
> management science or business education
> physical science, biological science veterinary, agriculture science

HEC can share out any country/ international university to the applicant for the target Ph.D. Study.

Application method:

* Applications are as required to submit through online application via HEC e-Portal.

> Applicants are as required to put forward online application via HEC. You can above HEC website

> You have to pay 500 rupee online through ATM or online original deposit slip. Fee may be process in the favor of DG Finance. Application fee can deposit in HBL through any bank.

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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Science and its Types With Detail


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Science is the name of knowledge which based on predictions, inference or hypothesis, experiment, observation, ideology, and facts which are known as called the method of science in simple way the science in which we talk about related to human, environment then achieve the knowledge surrounding atmosphere and then try to explain it is called science.

Science and its Types With Detail physics chemistry biology earth science earth science  human science scope of science
Science and its Branches With Detail

Branches of science:

Science has very huge scope that’s why without dividing science it’s very difficult to understand and teaching. There are many types of science such as chemistry, physics, biology, space science or astronomy, geology, human biology, life science, zoology, botany, oceanology, earth science.

Chemistry science:

The branch of science in which we study about chemical and their chemical properties, chemical reaction, carbon chemistry composition and characteristics is called chemistry. Chemistry science has divided to several types to understand it such as

Physical chemistry and biochemistry

Organic chemistry and Inorganic chemistry

Industrial chemistry and Chemistry of Analytical

These are the branches of chemistry.

Physics Science:

The branch of science in which study matter, energy, and their characteristics and how their interaction with atomic, nuclear, modern science is called physics science and Physics science is divided into many types to comprehend it such as

Thermodynamics physics

Molecular physics and Optical physics

Atomic physics and modern physics

Nuclear physics and Electronic physics

Electro magnetism physics and Statistical physics

Classical physics and Matter condensed or liquefies physics.

These are the branches of physics science which is make is easy understand the science.

Biology science:

The word biology is taken from Greek word. Bio mean life and logy mean study so the branch of science in which study about living organism such as plants, human, animal, bacteria called biology science. There are numerous branches of biology which is easy to understand it such as

Geography biology and evolution biology

Physiology and morphology

Agriculture bio logy and forestry biology

Economical and taxonomy biology

Biology of science medicine and biology of genetics

Molecular biology and paleontology

Horticulture and animal biology

These are major types and its branches of science in future I will explain all the types and its branches in detail. This is divided to many for the purpose of to comprehend the concept of science.

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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Importance of Physical Education

Physical Education:

You may attention in Importance of Health Education
importance of physical education source of physical education physical education and health phusical education education degree and sports  like sports cricket, boxing, hockey, football, yoga
Importance of Physical Education

The education, in which we study about the physical fitness, physical training (PT), exercise on daily bases, gym or gym working class, is called physical education. Physical education is for the purpose to improve the body physically fitness, mentally fitness, emotionally fitness, health related fitness, socially fitness, these are the physical activity through which we can conserve or nourish the body. This physical education starts from the primary school to secondary school to grow the fitness, movements. This is for the purpose of increasing healthiness. Students should take interest in physical training so that they will fresh and healthy for life time and they must involve such kind of activity through they will be health for all time. The requirement for physical is to get the bachelor degree in physical education.

Importance and source  of physical education:

Physical education is most important element of healthy life style. In order to make to healthiness, fresh mind and finish laziness in school teacher give the physical Training to students on daily basis for fifteen to twenty minutes so that students will be happy and feeling good and they will automatically ready to take interest in the lecture and study in a proper way. There are many way that we can maintain the body healthy such as cricket, football, volleyball, basketball, badminton, boxing, baseball and soft ball, athletics, cycling, running, gym and fitness, hockey, judo, tennis, wrestling, yoga and hand ball these are main way to make fitness through sports as well as there are other numerous of sports to improve the health. For physical education is in school also taking the exam before the vocation.

There are some countries like Australia, Asia, north America and Europe where the physical education has taken vital role in our life in government primary, secondary and junior college every school students should be take part in physical activity six day in a week and this is duty of teacher that he plan the physical activity for the week and tell the students benefits, advantage and importance of physical exercise so that they take the part in physical activity as well students about the food that which food is good for body or fitness. This is the duty of teacher to bring the enthusiasm and confidence in students for physical activity so that they students will be happy, fresh and take part in physical activity. These are importance of physical education we should try to follow the steps of the teacher what the teacher taught us in primary and secondary school so finally if we follow the steps and skill and bring the confidence, talents to enjoy the lifetime of healthful activity in life style.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Importance and Problems of Female Education

Female education:

you may interest in Importance of Health Education 

Education is the essential for everyone get according to Islam the Islam says achieve education even you have to go to china. Education is the most muscular weapon through which any nation can be change the whole world. Islam has given the particular rights of everyone whether girl or boy. Female education is specially made for girls so that they can learn education easily and separately so which only girl has the permission to study this is especially for girls. Boys cannot allow coming in female Education institute. Due to education we can make the girl educated so that world can be change through making woman educated.

Importance of Female Education:

Achieving education is the specific required for all human being and this is our duty to learn education and bring awareness in the society. Its also our obligation that what achieve from education we have to spread them so that everyone know the rights of parents, brother, vicinity, elder ad show affection to child’s. because of education people can take the right path he has the3 ability to take decision as well they know that what is good and worse which path right or wrong just due to taking part in education or knowledge. Islam teaches us that lean education whether boy or girl. In this time the whole world is trying to give the rights of woman. If we talk about Pakistan so if we compere t past sixty four year now Pakistan is improving and getting success to give the rights to woman. No country can get success and progress until the nation of that country in dark or uneducated. We have to give equal rights to everyone.

Problems of Female Education:

If we give the glance to problem of female education so we get too many problems which are occurred in our society. if we take the example of Pakistan so Pakistan is the Islamic country and follow the rules and regulations at state by to the Islam. In the opinion of to the Law of the Pakistan It’s necessary to give education every single person in a country forecast male or female. There are many issues for women to obtain education. Mostly the girl doesn’t link the school due to society force. Generally villages’ people they don't learn the education because of finance problem or lack of school in villages’ area. In Pakistan those people who live in what they do parent consign their boys to school but not to girl. Our Government should play an active part for woman Education. In our vacantly we don't give focus to female. We reflect them weaker member of the vicinity. Female education will be good and should bring awareness in rural areas or villages area. Finally if our woman is educated our society will be educated if our vicinity is educated our country will progress.

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