Tuesday, October 31, 2017

How to Write a Good Paragraph In English Step by Step

How to Write a Perfect Paragraph:

Writing paragraph is as a matter of fact the basic structure of any writing. So apprehend how to write interesting and beneficial paragraph and can build on your writing greatly.

English paragraph writing tips write a best paragraph by learning my post
  Paragraph writing Descriptive Elements Structure and Conclusion 

What is a Paragraph?

A paragraph is a piece of writing that contains several sentences. A paragraph always have complete, correct, short and to the point sentences. It should be easy to read and well assemble. The paragraph itself should attention on one subject, issue and concern. In other way a paragraph should be about an object such as a young boy. If the paragraph begins out taking about the man, it must visit the same throughout.

For Example, if the writer were talk about where young lives and then go to mark out what the boy looks like these are two different ideas

Elements of a Paragraph:

A paragraph should consist, some structure and particular element which are described below in relative order.

  1. A Topic Sentence:

In a topic sentence activate, drive and motivate the reader to want to read more.2.  The first main point:

     2. The First Main Point:

The first main point is to prove, back up and explain the topic sentence.

    3. The Second Main Point:

The second main point is generally preparing a reason for the first main point made.

    4. The Third Main Point:

The main point can help to explain and prove the topic sentence or support, back up the first or second main point of the paragraph.

   5. The Conclusion Point:

The last point, add up the main point or ideas and it generally complete the topic. The other point made and string, make fast the all points together. After reading the paragraph and all its elements as a unit the reader must feel a sense of unity and unification. Mostly a well paragraph will feel complete and it should be naturally to finish the reading when the paragraph ends, so continue to be in mind for every nice piece of writing.

Now if you read the sentences you must realize that how perfectly flows the paragraph together due to its consist all the piece, elements of a paragraph That signify the topic sentence, talk about the major ideas and terminate without living any loose ends.

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Monday, October 30, 2017

Types of Education Learning

Education and its Types:

Education is the way of taking and giving knowledge, skill and training at school, college, Universities. Education is the way of learning of the facts, information skill obtained by a person thought experience or education. A knowledge which obtained by the virtually or theoretically understanding of any subject is called education. Education is the key of every achievement. Education is the way to bring awareness in the people. Education is divided into many levels as preschool, primary school, secondary school, high school, colleges, and universities. These academic education is formal education as well this is also called established or classic education.

There are different Types of education which is known as formal education, informal education, self-directed learning, special education, adult education, vocational education. In formal education academic education such as Preschool, Primary school, Middle school, High School, Colleges, universities, one by one I will describe formal education.

education types formal education informal education non formal education
Types of Education Learning Formal Informal Non-Formal Educatio

Formal education:

Formal education is consisting of fundamental education which we obtain in academics. Formal education generally plays a perfect role in school atmosphere in the classroom of the several students learning and teaching with the well experience teacher of the subject. Its starts with the nursery class and gradually this go to primary, secondary and higher education which is describe shortly below.

Preschool education:

Preschool education is also known as nursery education. This is the first step of the child in education which is mostly in the age three to seven year old child that target at flatten the child virtually, mentally and with balanced teaching each of them.

Primary and secondary education:

Primary education is also known as elementary education. In primary education the child’s will be able to know about the subjects such as science, languages and mathematics and the age of the children can be five to twelve  And then secondary education is the last level in school for the of in teenage year  which is also known as general education.

Higher education:

Higher education consists of undergraduate and postgraduate as well as vocational education. This education demands work to a degree level, higher education is very necessary to national economic as a remarkable industry.

Informal education:

Informal education generally took place in educational formation and do not follow the course of study in school, colleges and universities. This education takes a vital role in a verity of places for young people.

Non-formal education:

Non formal education consist different structure such as life atmosphere and learner oriental, such as agriculture take a part which is added to something to enlarge and deploy local materials and built on participate learner.

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Parts of Speech in English Language with Examples

Parts of Speech:

part of speech noun pronoun verb adverb adjective preposition conjunction interjection and their examples.

Parts of Speech in English Language with Examples
Parts of Speech build on their uses and function. These are divided into several types of Parts of Speech but there are main eight Parts of Speech in English Grammar which is very useful for English Speaking and Grammar which is known as Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Adverb, Adjective, Preposition, Conjunction and Interjection.

1. Noun:

Noun is the largest class of Parts of Speech. Noun is the name of Person, Place, Events, animal or thing which teaches to students in Primary School and academy.


  • Dana is very beautiful.Here Dana is noun.
which is the name of Person

  • Labor Day is a federal holiday.
Here the word Labor Day is noun which mentions an event.

2. Pronoun:

A Pronoun is a Part of Speech which is the process of replacing someone or something.


  • Dana is a girl. She is very an intelligent.
  • She sent a picture to her father yesterday.
Here she, her, its, is a pronoun which is replaced by noun.

3. Verb:

Verb is the word which shows an action or state of existence of a subject in a sentence. Verb is the secondly largest class of parts of speech which is the most important part of speech without verb sentence can’t be occurred.


  • I believe it will be rain.
Here believe is a verb.
  • She goes to school.
Here goes is a verb.

4. Adjective

Adjective is word which shows the quality, the size, the no of noun or pronoun is called adjective.


  •  The tall student.
  •  The richest man.
Here tall, richest is an adjectives.

5. Adverb

Adverb is the word used to ads something in the meaning of verb, adjectives and another adverb.


  •  He is always for the class.
Here always is adverb.
  •  I can swim really quickly.
Here quickly modify the adverb.

6. Preposition:

Preposition is the word which shows the position of something and someone is called preposition.


  • The book is on the Table.
  • I read the book during the class.
Here on, during, behind, in, over are preposition.

7. Conjunction:

Conjunction is the word which joins the two sentences or two words are called conjunction.


  • It was raining so I went to the library.
  • We can go to library or we can stay at home

Here so, or, and, but, yet still, these all are conjunction.

8. Interjection:

Interjection is the word shows the sudden feelings and strong emotion is called interjection.


  • Ouch! That hurts!
Here oh! , Wow, hurrah these all are interjection.

These are main eight parts of Speech in English grammar which is the Basic of English Grammar which I describe completely if we know very well about this we can easily learn English.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

What is English Grammar? Introduction to English Language Grammar

Introduction of  English Grammar:

basic English grammar basic structure clauses derivation phrases parts of speech past tense present tense future tense
Basic Grammar, Tenses and Types, Clause, Phrase and Types
English language is the mother language of England. This language is mostly spoken in United States, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, and Australia all over the world. English is the international language in the world because of this language is spoken in all over the world. The key of every language is called grammar without gram mar we can’t learn English we can’t speak English either this related English, Urdu and any other. English language is consists of Clauses, Part of Speech, Structure, Phrases, sentences, Punctuation, Capitalization, which is the basic of English language. If want that we have full command in English we must know the rule and regulation of English which will make us perfect. We can improve in speaking English, writing sentences correctly and also helpful for communication either it’s written English or spoken.

Basic English Grammar:

The word grammar has derived from Greek word which means letter or art. There are eight parts of speech which are Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Adverb, Adjective, Conjunction, Interjection and Preposition. Every class has its own types like there are several different types of noun which is Common noun, Proper noun, Abstract noun, Collective noun and Concrete noun. Noun is the largest word of class and then verbs is also second largest word class. Clause and phrases has also many types which is participle phrase, noun phrase, adverb phrase, infinitive phrase, adjective phrase, verb phrase and preposition phrase.

Tenses And its Types:

Basic Grammar, Basic structure, Clauses, Derived From, Future, Infinitive Phrase, Introduction, Parts of Speech, Past, Phrasal, Present, Tenses,
Present Tense | Past Tense | Future Tense
There are main three tenses the present, the future and the past. The present tense has four present tenses which is present indefinite tense which is called simple tense secondly present continues tense thirdly present perfect tense fourthly present perfect tense. The future tense has four future tenses which are future infinite tenses, future continues tense, future perfect tense, future perfect continues tense. The past tense has also have four past tenses which is past indefinite or past simple tense, past continuous tense, past perfect tense, past perfect continues tenses.

These are basic grammar of English which depends of Tenses, Part of Speech, Clauses, Phrasal, Basic Structure which will improve our speaking and writing skill. Tenses details and examples I will explain in my next post you can visit my blog to get more updates.

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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Introduction of My First Blog And About Myself

Who I Am And Why I Created This Blog Education Motto


Commence with the great name of Allah Almighty who is Omnipotent and Omnipresent and who is the Load of the Loads.

education motto English grammar tenses about me blogging first post blog purpose of education
Education Knowledge and Skill Experience Training Ability Goals Career 

Asslaam o Alaikum to all of You My Name is Adil Rajpoot I Belong to Quetta Pakistan. My Qualification is B.A. I have done Advance in English as well as Computer DIT (Diploma of Information Technology) and I am interested in Blogging about Education because Education is the key of every success. People consider that learning to write English is very difficult for Students because they don’t have ability to write.

In order to improve the writing skill and bring Motivation, confidence and finish the lack of Motivation, Hesitation from the students who thinks they can’t do anything for that student I want to start writing or blogging  about Education Motto. My motto, Purpose and Ambition is Motivate the people about Education. My motto is to bring the zeal and zest, develop the confidence among the students. My Motto is to bring awareness in the people and make them fond of learning Education because Blogging is one of the alternative way to bring motivation and express my thought with you and Blogging is fantastic and effective way to encourage and motivate the student and blog is the best way for teaching and expressing.

Blog provide the student writer with a huge audience as well within the classroom and outside. I will post latest admission of different Universities of Pakistan. You can get latest updates about results, examinations and date sheets. You can also download PDF files of related information as well.

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