Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Life of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Biography of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH):

The Life of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) | Condition of Arab | Success Of Muhammad (PBUH)
The Life of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH

The prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was born in 570 A.D in Makkah the founder of islam was Muhammad (PBUH his father name was Abdullah ibn Abdul –Muttalib who is died before the birth of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) in Medina his mother was died in madina at the place which is known as Abwa. After the dead of Muhammad (PBUH) father his grandfather Abdul-Muttlaib had taken the responsibility to nourish the Muhammad (PBUH) in that his age was seven year old. After the dead of his father his uncle has taken responsibility to nourish him.

Condition of Arab: 

Allah had Chosen Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to show the right way to the world. He was dissimilar from other boys of his age. He was kind, most merciful, and always helps the other. Due to his honesty and Truthfulness, showing affection people called him Ameen and Sadiq. When Holy Prophet was the age of forty the message came from Allah Almighty that start the preaching and spread the message of Allah. Muhammad (PBUH) has changed the life of the Arab people. Before the preaching the Arab condition was in very bad. They were involved in evils and they did not worship Allah but they follow the Gods and Idols. They were drinking wine and gambling. They do not respect anyone. No was secure in that time and they did fighting and thousand and hundred was killed due to ignorance. They treat with woman like animal and ignorance was occurred everywhere in their then Muhammad (PBUH) has started the preaching.

Preached The People of Arabia:

When he starts the preaching then He asked the people to worship only allaj Almighyt and leave the worship of idol and people becomes the enemy of Muhammad (PBUH) faced many difficulties and troubles but the Holy prophet was full confidence, courage and determination. He never gives up from preaching the start time the few of them accept Islam. Gradually the Work hard of Muhammad (PBUH) was bring the Progress and the follower of Islam was increased. The enemy of his was very furious and they came to his house to kill him. The prophet was already has left that place for M]adina with his friend Abu Bakar. Distance between Makkah to Madina in which was very dangerous. The enemies were looking everywhere and the wanted kill him.

Success of ProphetMuhammad (PBUH):

When Muhammad (PBUH) left the place of Madina. A lot of people has accepted the Islam as well from Makkah. The mesageof Allah reached many Tribes of Arabia. Day in Day out people was accepting the Islam. The huge change was occure due to the work of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). They left figting, gambling, drinking and give the right and respects of women which Islam has given. They live like brother and start offering prayer. After few years all the people had accepted the Islam. The blessinf of Islam spread all over the world from Arab. Islam taught them their duties that how to become unite, strong and powerful. So Islam taught them a complete and successful method of life.Islam is Complete and Perfect Religion. The Quran which is Revealed On Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was the complete message of living life. Here we find all problems solutions and also show us right path. Finally The Islam will always be bright.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Pronoun and its Types


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A Pronoun is a Part of Speech which is the process of replacing someone or something. Pronoun are utilized to build a sentence which will be not that much unwieldy and boring. 

Pronoun and its Types such as  Personal pronouns Relative pronouns Indefinite pronoun Possessive pronouns Demonstrative pronouns Reciprocal pronouns Intensive pronouns Reflexive pronouns Interrogative pronouns
Pronoun and its Types with Example


Dana is a girl. She is very an intelligent.

She sent a picture to her father yesterday.

These all are He, it, they, we, which, whose, her, she, its, is a pronoun which is replaced by noun. 

Types of Pronoun:

Pronoun has several kinds of pronoun such as 

Personal pronouns:
Relative pronouns:
Indefinite pronouns:
Possessive pronouns:
Demonstrative pronouns:
Reciprocal pronouns:
Intensive pronouns:
Reflexive pronouns:
Interrogative pronouns:

Personal Pronoun:

The personal pronoun identify as he, she, it they, where, who, we, these are called personal pronoun. This will replace by noun to speak on behalf of people. These are called personal noun which are mostly utilize in our daily life.

Relative or comparative pronoun:

Relative pronoun are utilized to give further information to the sentence such as which, who whose, whose, that, whom, are known as relative pronoun.

Possessive Pronoun:

Possessive pronoun is that pronoun which we utilized to show ownership, property. This is also manipulation of adjective which is represented as adjective pronoun such as his, her, us, its, our, they, my, your so these are all called possessive pronoun.

Indefinite or unspecified Pronoun:

Identify pronoun are utilize for a largest group of a pronoun. These are utilize for not detailed things indefinite pronoun are many, few, some, all, anywhere everyone, everywhere, several, each, both, none, one, all are indefinite prono0un which are mostly utilize in our English speaking.

Demonstrative or indicative pronoun:

Demonstrative pronoun are utilized to indicate or specify such as those (Plural) , these (Plural), this(Singular), that (Singular) are called demonstrative pronoun.

Reciprocal Pronoun:

Reciprocal pronouns are known as mutual pronoun utilized for act, undertaking and sensitive or feelings or utilized ti identify the more than two people to follow up the an action are called Reciprocal Pronoun.

Intensive pronoun:

Intensive Pronoun is known as Empathic Pronoun utilized for Pronoun and noun in the sentences to prominence (Emphasize) in English speaking and writing called Intensive Pronoun.

Reflexive Pronoun:

Reflexive pronoun means the thought or idea of the person. Reflexive pronoun is those which is use and denote the Subject and object of the clause or verb mention to the same person or thing such as herself, himself, itself, themselves, ourselves, oneself, yourselves are called reflexive pronoun. 

Interrogative Pronoun:

Interrogation pronoun is utilize for mostly  for asking question and indirect question such as some who and whom mention the person called interrogative pronoun.

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Monday, November 27, 2017

PhD Scholarship to Faculty of Public Sectors Universities (FDP) Program

Faculty development programmed (FDP) Overseas Scholarships for Public Sector Universities

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What is Scholarship

The Application are be invited for gifted of PhD Scholarship to faculty of public sectors universities which have HRD Essential in their PSDP predict or project.

NOTE: The last date of this Scholarship is December 20, 2017

Eligibility Specification:

> The age should be minimum 18 year with MS/ MPhil/ education and corresponding degree for PhD Admission in applicable field.

> AJk and Pakistan nation as identify in contact with universities.

> This must be taken first division in annual exam.

> It should be maximum second division not a third division from academics, career.

> For taking admission must get 50 percent marks in HEC aptitude test.

> The Application should be received before the date has expired which is December 20, 2017.

> Those students who have already taken other scholarships they are not eligible to take this scholarship.

> The Maximum age for this application is 40 year for regular employee of university/ R and d organization and secondly 35 year for all other.

Important Note or Message:

* These scholarships are provided to below universities.

> Universities of Baluchistan technology and engineering khuzdar (Baluchistan only)

> University of AJk Women y, Bagh

> Ghazi University, Dera Ghazi Khan

> University of FATA

> University of Lahore College for Women

> University of Khushhal khan khattak, karak

> National university of modern languages Islamabad

> University of Sardar Bahadur Khan Quetta (Baluchistan Only)

> Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Benazir Abad

> Shaheed mohtarma Benazir Bhutto medical University Larkana

> Baltistan University, Skardu

> University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore (Punjab Only)

> University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar- (FATA, PATA, KPK only)

> Swabi University

> Multan Women University

> Malakand University (KPK, FATA, PATA only)

> Swat University women campus and main campus at Mingora

* The scholarships should be gifted in particular discipline, areas subject for every take part universities institution. The list of discipline will appear in HECas well you can visit to HEC Website which is

* Merit list will be ready in merit bases of information, online data assuming from the applicant. If the information was find wrong the application will be rejected in ant stage,

* The applicant will complete the application form through online process. After submission the information cannot be changed.

* Applicants should be fastened admission in the international universities, countries with inscribe acceptance. For more detail you can visit above HEC website.

* HEC aptitude test should be managed by HEC for following Applicant.

>  Engineering and IT
> social science, arts and humanities
> management science or business education
> physical science, biological science veterinary, agriculture science

HEC can share out any country/ international university to the applicant for the target Ph.D. Study.

Application method:

* Applications are as required to submit through online application via HEC e-Portal.

> Applicants are as required to put forward online application via HEC. You can above HEC website

> You have to pay 500 rupee online through ATM or online original deposit slip. Fee may be process in the favor of DG Finance. Application fee can deposit in HBL through any bank.

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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Science and its Types With Detail


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Science is the name of knowledge which based on predictions, inference or hypothesis, experiment, observation, ideology, and facts which are known as called the method of science in simple way the science in which we talk about related to human, environment then achieve the knowledge surrounding atmosphere and then try to explain it is called science.

Science and its Types With Detail physics chemistry biology earth science earth science  human science scope of science
Science and its Branches With Detail

Branches of science:

Science has very huge scope that’s why without dividing science it’s very difficult to understand and teaching. There are many types of science such as chemistry, physics, biology, space science or astronomy, geology, human biology, life science, zoology, botany, oceanology, earth science.

Chemistry science:

The branch of science in which we study about chemical and their chemical properties, chemical reaction, carbon chemistry composition and characteristics is called chemistry. Chemistry science has divided to several types to understand it such as

Physical chemistry and biochemistry

Organic chemistry and Inorganic chemistry

Industrial chemistry and Chemistry of Analytical

These are the branches of chemistry.

Physics Science:

The branch of science in which study matter, energy, and their characteristics and how their interaction with atomic, nuclear, modern science is called physics science and Physics science is divided into many types to comprehend it such as

Thermodynamics physics

Molecular physics and Optical physics

Atomic physics and modern physics

Nuclear physics and Electronic physics

Electro magnetism physics and Statistical physics

Classical physics and Matter condensed or liquefies physics.

These are the branches of physics science which is make is easy understand the science.

Biology science:

The word biology is taken from Greek word. Bio mean life and logy mean study so the branch of science in which study about living organism such as plants, human, animal, bacteria called biology science. There are numerous branches of biology which is easy to understand it such as

Geography biology and evolution biology

Physiology and morphology

Agriculture bio logy and forestry biology

Economical and taxonomy biology

Biology of science medicine and biology of genetics

Molecular biology and paleontology

Horticulture and animal biology

These are major types and its branches of science in future I will explain all the types and its branches in detail. This is divided to many for the purpose of to comprehend the concept of science.

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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Importance of Physical Education

Physical Education:

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importance of physical education source of physical education physical education and health phusical education education degree and sports  like sports cricket, boxing, hockey, football, yoga
Importance of Physical Education

The education, in which we study about the physical fitness, physical training (PT), exercise on daily bases, gym or gym working class, is called physical education. Physical education is for the purpose to improve the body physically fitness, mentally fitness, emotionally fitness, health related fitness, socially fitness, these are the physical activity through which we can conserve or nourish the body. This physical education starts from the primary school to secondary school to grow the fitness, movements. This is for the purpose of increasing healthiness. Students should take interest in physical training so that they will fresh and healthy for life time and they must involve such kind of activity through they will be health for all time. The requirement for physical is to get the bachelor degree in physical education.

Importance and source  of physical education:

Physical education is most important element of healthy life style. In order to make to healthiness, fresh mind and finish laziness in school teacher give the physical Training to students on daily basis for fifteen to twenty minutes so that students will be happy and feeling good and they will automatically ready to take interest in the lecture and study in a proper way. There are many way that we can maintain the body healthy such as cricket, football, volleyball, basketball, badminton, boxing, baseball and soft ball, athletics, cycling, running, gym and fitness, hockey, judo, tennis, wrestling, yoga and hand ball these are main way to make fitness through sports as well as there are other numerous of sports to improve the health. For physical education is in school also taking the exam before the vocation.

There are some countries like Australia, Asia, north America and Europe where the physical education has taken vital role in our life in government primary, secondary and junior college every school students should be take part in physical activity six day in a week and this is duty of teacher that he plan the physical activity for the week and tell the students benefits, advantage and importance of physical exercise so that they take the part in physical activity as well students about the food that which food is good for body or fitness. This is the duty of teacher to bring the enthusiasm and confidence in students for physical activity so that they students will be happy, fresh and take part in physical activity. These are importance of physical education we should try to follow the steps of the teacher what the teacher taught us in primary and secondary school so finally if we follow the steps and skill and bring the confidence, talents to enjoy the lifetime of healthful activity in life style.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Importance and Problems of Female Education

Female education:

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Education is the essential for everyone get according to Islam the Islam says achieve education even you have to go to china. Education is the most muscular weapon through which any nation can be change the whole world. Islam has given the particular rights of everyone whether girl or boy. Female education is specially made for girls so that they can learn education easily and separately so which only girl has the permission to study this is especially for girls. Boys cannot allow coming in female Education institute. Due to education we can make the girl educated so that world can be change through making woman educated.

Importance of Female Education:

Achieving education is the specific required for all human being and this is our duty to learn education and bring awareness in the society. Its also our obligation that what achieve from education we have to spread them so that everyone know the rights of parents, brother, vicinity, elder ad show affection to child’s. because of education people can take the right path he has the3 ability to take decision as well they know that what is good and worse which path right or wrong just due to taking part in education or knowledge. Islam teaches us that lean education whether boy or girl. In this time the whole world is trying to give the rights of woman. If we talk about Pakistan so if we compere t past sixty four year now Pakistan is improving and getting success to give the rights to woman. No country can get success and progress until the nation of that country in dark or uneducated. We have to give equal rights to everyone.

Problems of Female Education:

If we give the glance to problem of female education so we get too many problems which are occurred in our society. if we take the example of Pakistan so Pakistan is the Islamic country and follow the rules and regulations at state by to the Islam. In the opinion of to the Law of the Pakistan It’s necessary to give education every single person in a country forecast male or female. There are many issues for women to obtain education. Mostly the girl doesn’t link the school due to society force. Generally villages’ people they don't learn the education because of finance problem or lack of school in villages’ area. In Pakistan those people who live in what they do parent consign their boys to school but not to girl. Our Government should play an active part for woman Education. In our vacantly we don't give focus to female. We reflect them weaker member of the vicinity. Female education will be good and should bring awareness in rural areas or villages area. Finally if our woman is educated our society will be educated if our vicinity is educated our country will progress.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Importance of Agriculture Education

Agriculture education:

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Importance of Agriculture Education benefits advantages
Importance of Agriculture Education

Agriculture education is the educations in which we know about agriculture mean the science of farming or the activity in which we grow the crops and raising the livestock and also contain cultivation of the soil growing and breeding plants, animal for food, natural resorts, and dry land management with the help of hands with recommendation and involvement in to make perfect students in entry level for further education and for a jobs. Agriculture education will prepare for the forward movement to give advance agriculture jobs.

Importance of agriculture education;

The earth or land is blessings for us which is perfect for farming, growing for the ambition of agriculture business. The land is the source of too many important nutrients, containing mineral, vitamins and protein. This is the reason that this takes consequence in our life. It produces food, vitamins, protein, and bread. Rise, nutriment, cuisine to individuals gives corporeal for serving such as we can do business through this agriculture production which based on foreign trade, craft and occupation. The collecting and analyzing and lighten the importance of agriculture education.

In agriculture education we learn about land assets, land agriculture management, agriculture science, agriculture education, small and other animal’s protection, this all will tell in school level, middle level, secondary level at elementary level, college’s level, mature stage university level. This all thing we learn in government institute, private institute and fixed with the related subject such as vocational education, how to grow the animal and plants, trees growing and soiling, how to human achieve the jobs in such as areas creating which is the promote and natural conservation.

Agriculture education is also stress in schooling on few categories such as which is in the class room, specification and superintended ag5riculture education. Agriculture education also contain in college in order to provide the advance training, information, knowledge to the students practically in education of agriculture and due to this people will aware of everything about agriculture. The farmer can take advantage from this and produce the in large quaintly rise, cotton, and too many other things.

Finally through this education students will be aware of specific courses of agriculture through hands learning involvement and superintended the students of agriculture, this should utilize the education which they learnt during courses, in school, in college institute and utilize them in practically, virtual life condition and clear their conception and theory, these is the importance of agriculture educationas well in future i will tell you about agriculture scholarship.

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Types of Computer or Classes of Computer

What is computer?

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Types of Computer or Classes of Computer by size, by generation technology  computer,  by functional, by utlization
Types of Computer or Classes of Computer

The word computer has been taken from compute which means to calculate, work out, count up, add up, add together and figure as well its use for store the data. Computer is an electronic device use for receiving and giving data and accomplishes the series of operations for the purpose of determine and changeable collection of programs and signal and difference state and almost every field of life. Computer has the precious for us in our daily life, for business, receiving, storing, and numerous way is there where we use computer.

Types of computer:

There are many types of computer in different way like in the types by size computer, computer types of functional, computer types of usage or utilization and computer types of inspiration or generation computer technology.

Types of  size of computer:

According to types of size computer has different types such as minicomputer, super computer, main frame computer and personal computer or microcomputer consist of laptop computer, tablet computer, desktop smart, mobiles computer, computer, these types are classifies according to size of computer. Inside the car computer, programmable read only memory computer, handheld computer, smarts books computer, , these computer types are classified in size computer.

Types of functional of computer:

According to types of functional computer have many types such as virtual machine computer. Server computer, fatal or terminal server computer, industry station or work station computer, information instrument computer or particular appliance computer, embed computer. These are the types of computer according to functional computer.

Types of utilization computer:

According to types of usage computer has many types such as display computer or set out computer like Wi-Fi, split or share computer, private or personal computer, public or universal computer like fire walled.

Types of inspiration or generation computer technology:

First generation is utilized in vacuum tubes, designing tubes, are available in latest program. Second generation is utilized for distinct or discontinuous transistors and third generation is utilized for combine or merge can be use large scale, medium scale and a huge scale.

These are the completely types of computer in different classes or types. Computer is become the part of our life which is very beneficial and essential for us.

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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Higher Education and its Category

Higher education:

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Secondary education and classifications

Kinds Of Education Learning

Higher Education and its Category professional higher education general higher education liberal education  performing arts engineering higher education
Higher Education and its Category

Higher education is known post-secondary education or third level education. This is learnt after completion the secondary education as well this is the way of formal learning. This education is given in the universities and other institute with notable and the way of getting success in various field of life is such as medical treatment, experimental subject and academics activities.

 Academics study is given in authority and professional institutions. Higher education is also imply in different long established activity of teaching experimentation and circle services to progress the fundamental of education or knowledge through sectors and other industries. It’s also consisting of subdivision or branches of the professor and instructor and the prerogative or privilege of higher education is show in a number of international human privileges contrivance.

Higher education Category:

There are major types of education which is mention below.

Liberal Arts:

Liberal arts is contain with science atmosphere, meaningful books, history, English language and other language, mathematics, physiology, science, religious studies and sociology.

General Higher Education:

This education takes part in universities, colleges and technical institution. This mostly use in abstract components and most important in hypothetical. Professional education always attached with higher education, mostly in universities. The basic demand for the entry in graduated stage programs mostly for the bachelor standard and admitted hopefully for the good performance.

Professional Higher Education:

Professional higher education is the integration with world class work such as well-mannered society and public an area or portion is powerfully stress on application of the way leaning and procedure. it’s also contain with employer, practical useful information or knowledge and utilize for the whole research. The illustration of professional higher education is for the graduate colleges such as business, law, library science, human being tablets or medicine, scientific substance and professional engineering.

Engineering Higher Education:

In engineering education we learn about the application of scientific, sensible knowledge, economics and related to social. This is for the purpose to develop the structure, instruments, materials and machines. This is intention, build, insist the improvement below instruments and systems. Engineering is the more important in specific areas of technology and types of application and also consist of civil, mechanical, electrical, computer and three are too many which is involve in it.

Performing Arts:

The performing arts are involving in the plastic arts or flexible arts. It’s utilizes in artist own body, faces and appearance as a mediocre. Performing arts material utilizes in color paint, work of arts, clay and metal .this arts is progressing in dancing institute, circus schools and Drama academy as well music institution.

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Friday, November 17, 2017

Noun and its Types with Example:

What is noun:

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what is English grammar:

Part of Speech:

In English language grammar noun is secondly most use in here. Noun identify the name of person, action, any place , qualities, any event, animal, things, ideas, living being, state of the mind called noun. Such as there are numerous different of kind of noun which we can use in a sentence or paragraph and when we see the sentences we can easily identify the noun and almost utilize them in a sentence.


Noun as a places: Airport, hometown, park, countries, stadiums, these are all nouns.

Noun as things; cartoons, dramas, films, lamp these are all things.

Noun as a person: bill gates sister, teacher, students and brother, these all are nouns.

In English language grammar noun has is the most important for speaking and writing so noun types are define with example below.

Types of noun:

Countable noun or count noun:

Noun can be countable or uncountable. Count noun is those which we can count such sugar weight, too many glasses these are all countable noun. And uncountable are those noun which we can be count such as water in tank, milk in jug these all are uncountable noun.

Common noun:

Count noun is known as ordinary noun. Common noun in which represents the generally person, place or things called common noun

Example: birth, city, over pass, age, era, generation and country.

Proper Noun:

Pronoun noun identify the particular, special person called proper noun.

Example: Bill Gates, Quid-e-Azam, Pakistan, United States, diamond.

Collective noun:

Collective noun gives the reference about the group of people, place and things, called collective noun.

Example: set of geometry, set of glasses, government, Team, Family, Students.

Abstract noun:

Abstract noun are those nouns which tells about attribute, ideas, shapes and the things which we cannot seen and touchable which is invisible and which is imaginary in real life which has no physical reality. It has no state, no actuality called abstract noun.

Example: success, sadness, emotion, happiness, friendship, love, bravery, importance and time.

Concrete noun:

Concrete noun are those noun in which we talk about five senses such as smell, taste, hearing, touch and sight which is attached with in human life,

These are invisible mean we cannot see this, it cannot be consider as concrete noun. It can be in common noun, proper noun, collective noun, countable and uncountable noun.

Example: Rose, bus, train, airplane, music, water, milk, team and colony.

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Medical Education its importance and Advantage

Medical Education:

 Medical Education its importance and Advantage
You should Read about Education importance

Medical education is the education which belongs to medical treatment, medical care and medical activities which work for to conserve, expansion and growing up the knowledge. Expertness, white collar achievements and connection which is attached to patient, profession the people, physical services is giving to them. This is the first step of medical field is called medical education.

Medical education requirement:

Medical education played a precious role in our life. Each and every country has own rule and medical education and training is dissimilar from each country. In medical education teachers have their own way to teach the students and use the term in medical education. Educational experimentation has energetic zone. The scope medical education is very bright and to become a doctor we need the medical education and there are many courses in medical education some courses which duration is four year. Generally the four year course is for undergraduate standard program. The first step is to complete the four year course than secondly we do training which duration in three to seven year to achieve the medical license.

Importance and advantage of medical education;

Medical education has numerous of importance and advantage due medical education we become a doctor, nurses, physician, and specific purpose which consist of every category such as the specialist of heart, ear, nose, bones disease, teeth diseases, skin diseases, stomach disorder, specialist of kidney diseases, eyes defect and injuries treatment, surgical treatment of the foot, treatment of mental and emotional disorder patient, n treats lung diseases, treatment during pregnancy and child birth and there too many diseases. Each and every diseases has the solution due to medical education because the doctor achieve the training and complete their course and training with confidence after spending few year they become a specialist of specific diseases which I mention above so this due to medical education now a days diseases are increasing day in and day out but we should not worry due to genius , talented doctor they will face the diseases and research about diseases and bring the solution finally medical education is very important for us so that we can serve for our nation or human and also for animal treatment with a specific medical course when they complete their course and training they are eligible or treat the animals.these are the importance and advantage of medical education.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

University of Toronto Scholarship Programmed for International Applicants in Canada 2018:

University of Toronto, Canada Scholarship 2018:

To know about what is Scholarship you can visit on this link;

Scholarships of Toronto, Canada scholarship description scholarship requirements and how to summit the form.
University of Toronto Scholarship Programmed for International 
                       Applicants in Canada 2018:

University of Toronto has announced the scholarships which are gifted to talented students for any Citizenship or the state which belongs to a specific nation known as called nationality. Only one thing is required for this scholarship that students has the potential energy, talent, highest marks taken from excellence Institute. The University of Toronto is general public experimentation University in Toronto, Canada on the floor that enclose to Queen’s Park.

There are more than 700 scholarship admission are available for students which will their studies in 2018 to 2019 exceptionally y good domestic and international level secondary school students which is deliberate automatically for these bonus which is based on merit or basis of their standard at the time of admission.

Criteria for the Scholarship:

This is Eligible for internationally and for Canadian.

Application should follow the following points for application submitted.

Internationally and domestically for secondary school students are examine the honor on the specific of their average for the admission.

Note: These applications are not eligible for U of T Scholar examination or deliberation who has taken before attended a post-secondary academics.

For this scholarship English language four year experience must attached from an English language school system on a country where the commanding English language and should show the evidence for English ability to take admission.

This requirement must be completed for taking admission otherwise the dorm may be rejected.

Scholarship Description:

> The last date for taking admission is 1/February/2018 and for the gift is February/17/2018 apply it before the time has finished.

> These opportunities are available for those students who are in the field of Engineering.

> These Scholarships are available for the undergraduate Degree.

> These Scholarship budget will be $7500 and these scholarship is for any nationality or internationally.

Application Pattern:

No divide or separate recommended, every students automatically attached when they apply to U of T.

How to Submit:

Applicants have to fulfill the all requirements such as complete documentation for the study of post-secondary studies. 

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Business Education its importance and Advantage

Business Education:

business education and the relation with our life, business education importance and advantage
Business Education its important
 and Advantag

Business education is a study in which we require the teacher to teach the students about basic theories and how to deal with business about business. Business has taken almost in every field of life in different platform. It’s also involved in education such as in secondary education; higher education and university level and so on is called business education.

Business Education importance:

business education have played vital role in our life and very beneficial for us in daily life in this era and provide a lot of facilities, Business education has the relation with trade, finance, Accounting, Marketing, human resources management, commerce, actual state, dealings, transaction, and also these are the branches of business education which are divided into above category. Day in and day out business education is taking part in progress as well in a rapidly its increasing. Due to business education can achieve jobs who did graduate in business education and its make a student’s perfect in selective subjects at the secondary stage. Students will get a particular and specific business. This is the great example that Pakistan is the largest making of cotton mean great doing business and there are to many countries whose business is up to the mark and progressing.

Advantage of business education:

Because of business education students got many chances in business education and got jobs in different category such as achieve the profession of publishing advertisement for profit oriented products and other services known as called advertising, the carrier of accountant known as called accountancy, banking jobs, universal business management, public business management, the sale with public in small quantities called retailer business and the occupation and which gives the advises with a specific empirical called consultancy management. This is the advantage of business education we easily can deal with public, specific industries and finally the scope of business education is very bright and its will starting points of progressing.

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Health Education its importance and Benefits

Health education:

health education and its advantage importance tips and advises
Health Education and Its importance, Tips, Advantage

A Education in which we study about the state of which related to free of charge for injuries, healthiness, fitness and illness called health education. Health education is related to our life, in which we learn about that how to secure or protect the life physically strong, intellectually, socially and emotionally. Health education is the way of to combine the group and personally connected with prolong, upgrade and reestablished or bring up for human to achieve it. For making health we follow the requirement of healthy tips such as we have to give, planning and main focusing on specific behavior to upgrade the health and healthy life style, motivate the developing the information, knowledge, skills and outlook to target the changing in behavior. 

Importance of health education:

Health education have has numerous of advantage and importance. It is just like a blessing, if we know and full command in medical field we can take every step carefully. The health education develops the knowledge, intelligence, and brings out the expertise, view point in the students about health and improve and maintain health and stop and decrease the risky behaviors.. It’s improve the uses of behavior, such as child health, family plantings and be aware of early indication rapid for treatment. A person who is not feeling well, who has any diseases or have illness or who is not physically fit through health education the doctor will make the patient, enables a person to remain physically fit and its actual health just because of health education. In the current how many diseases are present here and their solution is just because of health education. the healthy person is the happiest person in the world because health is wealth.

Health Education advantage and  benefits:

Health education also tells us about mental health of the student. A healthy person can convey his life happily. He can perform the duties in the right way with tact and keenly. he is always in full of animation, energy and active mind. Health education bring intimate a human to make healthy option. Health education takes out positive changes in the mind of the students. student will always avoid the person who is smoking, drugs etc. which is deadly habits. Throw health education students obey the rule and principle which is good for health. Healthy habit should be bringing out in the early year and juvenile. We should stop the eating those things which is cause the diseases for health. We must get up early in the morning. It should be on daily basis and our duty is to do physical activity continuously and should take bath daily to clean the body and take care of their body.

These are importance of health education we should try to obey the tips of health so that we will always be in good health. health is the blessing of Allah Almighty and there is no doubt that health is wealth.

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Types of Engineering Education With Examples

Engineering Education:

there many types of engineering education such s chemical education mechanical education civil education  electrical education
Types of Engineering Education with Examples

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Engineering Education Degree and its Types

The word engineer has taken from ingenious which means cleverness and Engineering is the supplication of mathematics and scientific.

The Engineering education is the sub divide of Science apprehensive with the intention, designing’s and building and the concept for the professional training in engineering. Its usage is for engine and mechanism and structures, construct called Engineering education or we can also say the action of working to bring something about is known Engineering Education. This is the beginner of engineering education to show advantage an engineer and for any advance education. This is foe a special ambition to follow it. It’s also containing of economic and practical knowledge and the scope of engineering education is very high-rise.

Engineering is mostly divided into four main branches.

Chemical engineering:

Chemical engineering is combining or demanding too many branches of engineering such as chemistry, biology, physics and the law of engineering follow up for the chemical process on a scale or lamina, the example of this is Food production, petrochemicals, bio molecule industrial chemicals etc.

Civil engineering:

Civil engineering is professional engineering based on establishment, naturally atmosphere to construct, it’s also related to working such as public, private works, roads, airport, railway water supply, building, dams, canal, span etc.

Electrical engineering:

Electric engineering based on designing, assemble and Electronic system. This is very beneficial such as power stations, computer system, Trains, telecommunications, Robot and cars, buses, optical fibers and can also utilize for Circuit, an electronic devices, motors and aircrafts etc.

Mechanical engineering:

Mechanical engineering is playing a vital role in our life which based on mechanical and physical systems and other too many instrument. this can be utilize too many ways such as air conditions, power energy systems, electric generator, aircraft's systems, for refrigerator, weapons, power using machines and engines etc.

Other Branches:

These are the four major branches of engineering education. If we read out the historical events we find many branches such as written below

Process Engineering:

Corrosion Engineering:

Bi molecular engineering:

Material Engineering:

Molecular Engineering:

Optical Engineering:

Power Engineering:

Computer Engineering:

Electronic Engineering:

Thermal Engineering:

Sports Engineering:

Acoustical Engineering:

Manufacturing Engineering:

Vehicle Engineering:

 There is more branches of engineering if we go to the depth of engineering education details..


Due to Engineering education the world has totally changed we have the each and every facilities and make the world beautiful which has never in past. Scientists toiled and took the courses for engineering education and their work hard represent today world. Engineer always gives attention creation and invention. The engineer makes the ideology and designs for innovation that people can utilize. This can be a device, computer programs, software's, these all invention is occurring in our life due to engineering education.

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Engineering Education Degree and Its Types

Engineering Education:

You may inters in Types of Engineering Education

Chemical Engineering Degree Electrical Engineering Degree Mechanical Engineering Degree Civil Engineering Degree Software Engineering Computer Engineering Degree Environmental Engineering Degree Online Engineering degree Systems Engineering Degree Process Engineering Corrosion Engineering Bi molecular Engineering Material Engineering Molecular Engineering
Engineering Education Degree and its Types

Engineering education is the interest of engineering teaching and the concept for the professional training in engineering. This is the first step of engineering education to become an engineer and for any advance education we have to specially follow it. The scope of engineering education is very high and to become a professional engineer its training is for a long procedure which approximately consists of 8 to 12 year with 15 to 20 year to take part in engineer and took responsibility for particular project. Engineering education is provided from basic too such as primary school, secondary school and it go the university level. The engineering education generally goes with further post-graduation examination. This education provided to bachelor and master to become an engineer and for professional knowledge of engineering the requirement of superintends training is must.

Types of Engineering Education Degree:

Engineering Education is divided to major types which is mention below.

  • Chemical Engineering Degree
  • Electrical Engineering Degree
  • Mechanical Engineering Degree
  • Civil Engineering Degree
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Engineering Degree
  • Environmental Engineering Degree
  • Online Engineering degree
  • Systems Engineering Degree

Chemical Engineering Branches:

Chemical Engineering is divided to several categories which are writing below shortly.

  • Process Engineering
  • Corrosion Engineering
  • Bi molecular Engineering
  • Material Engineering
  • Molecular Engineering

Electric Engineering Branches:

Electric Engineering is divided to further categories which have written below.

  • Optical Engineering
  • Power Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Branches:

Mechanical Engineering is break up to specific category which mention below

  • Thermal Engineering
  • Sports Engineering
  • Acoustical Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Vehicle Engineering

Civil Engineering:

Civil Engineering is divided to specific  below category.

  • Water resources Engineering
  • Mining Engineering
  • Geo technical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering

Software Engineering:

It’s divided in to further categories which are introduced below.

  • Web Engineering
  • Cryptographic Engineering
  • Telegraphic Engineering
  • Computer-Aided Engineering

Systems Engineering:

Systems Engineering deals such management tools and optimization and this divided to several categories such as:

  • Agriculture Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Energy Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Textile Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Military Engineering
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Architect Engineering

These are the major types of engineering education which is divided to further category which is shortly and through heading I explain above or overhead and in coming days I will explain with detail about the types of engineering education.

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

What is Special Education

Special Education:

special education meaning definition explanation and disabilities like deaf blindness
Special Education with Definition Meaning Explanation  

Special education is the way to require the independently organized and teaching pattern is arranged through consistently. Special education is provided in the class room or that private teacher who has expert techniques, physically activity and substance for designed for those students, who are physically disabled, emotionally disturbed, mentally unbalanced, socially services. For those students special education is provided through public school institution system and the rest of other educational institutes to independently with disabilities people and handicapped people and gifted children.

Specific education is outline for people for particular needs. An education which is giving through remedy or cue is called remedial education. This education is creating for anyone with or in the absence of special needs. In developing countries special education is mostly estimate as a service rather than places. Integral can finish the social disgrace and can progress academic fulfillment for numerous students. Special education based on spread knowledge, practicing for teaching and base for staff.

Disabilities took place such as deaf, blindness, developmental hold up, emotional disruption and several disabilities.

Specified learning for disable students:

Particular learning disabilities do not make a problem in learning that Is the effect of motor disabilities, mental disabilities and those who took part in atmosphere disadvantages for this kind of people create a capability of, reading, thinking, calculations, writing, listening, are added as perceptual disabilities. Specific learning is mention for the field of disorder people in which based on physiological problems. That procedure include to usage of language weather its writing or speaking.

Deaf blindness:

Deaf blindness mention optically and the state of being impaired hearing and especially for specified senses. for that kind of student special education is available which is according to latest technology.

Emotional disruption:

This makes reference to a condition that display for one or more following enlarge period of time. Emotional disruption cannot act on those children who are in emotional disturbance as planning regulation.

Finally teachers try to give confidence to gifted children to take part in every kind of activity in the classroom or outside the class, given the chance to gifted children to read about that subject which they like.

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Monday, November 6, 2017

How to Become A Successful Student Step By Step

How to Become A Perfect Student:

If we want accomplish an ambition we have to bring those qualities abilities, capabilities and talent in our daily routine to become a successful and effective. There are following tips and points that make a student’s successful and bright there future for that word hard, toiled, struggle is necessary.

Tips To Become A Successful Students:

tips for students guidelines advises for  the achievement their goal target ambition .
Tips To Become A Successful

1: Students should be a punctual of time and have a specific routine for every day and they must know the rights of time because time never stops for everyone. We have followed the time so that progress will be occurred.

2:A student should take lecture carefully and complete attention and make good notes, for clearing concept you should ask meaningful question from your instructor, for taking lecture should prepare before and discussion and participation before going to class.

3: Student should think what they want to become. They should create a goal, ambition so that they Struggle and work hard for that and go to achieve the target. Most of the students don’t know the target so first have to think about the future then you can carry on your work hard. 4:They should make a schedule of classes at a time for best result and should punctual of taking classes of each subject regularly. They should be serious and sincere to his achievement and target. They should do a work on the daily basis and assignment should be done clear and neatly.  5:There should be a good relationship, association between the students and teacher so that they can clear their concept which will be the step of success and should be a polite with their instructor.

6:When lecture is going on the student Always try to full attention lecture so that concept should be clear and until and unless you did not understand the concept you should not leave the that topic you have the path you can ask from your teacher.

7:When exam is going to be occurred you have to give complete focus on your exam preparation and when test is given by the teacher you must have prepare this is beneficial l for you in the examination.

8:If you have any problem in study you can take help from your friend, teacher and the best ways to clear the theory so combine study and participation is the best way for that as well you can take help from latest technology by taking online video lecture. 

9:When classes are going on don’t disturb the class and follow the direction and main points. refuse and neglect those students who come just for wasting time and fighting.  10: Always try to test yourself routinely and should sleep for sufficient time. Make your active physically and mentally and should take those courses which will be beneficial l for the success.

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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Importance of information Technology in Education

What is technology?

what is technology and its importance in our daily life. it give every facilities in every field of life such as in education jobs disable children.
Importance of information Technology in modern world 

The word technology has taken from Greek word “Tekhnologia” which means systematic treatment. This is the supplication which based on or present and distinguish by the methods and principle of science knowledge for partially motto and mostly use in industries. This is the branch of education which deals with engineering and put in for science another way we can say the machinery which emerge for the scientific education. The group of expertness, procedure utilizes in the better services or we can say utilize for performance in impartial. 

Importance of technology: 

As we know advancement is occurred in technology and technology is playing a major role in the modern world. Because of technology we are attached with industries, graphics, office works, promotions, publishing accounting, occupation, jobs, and carrier. So awareness comes through technology and many facilities we find because of technology and related to this category have very demand, easily achieve the jobs and start the carrier and also obtained a best experience for starting carrier. In the world technology has become depend on a jobs placement in the present time which is very important, particular for the future. The diplomas, certificates, degree of technology are very valuable and after taking the courses of technology then progress will be in your hand.

Information technology has improves in every field of life especially in education transmission. The research has upgraded the advancement of information technology. The teacher who wants to share their knowledge they can do through posting, through giving online lectures, as well they are too many online dating libraries which completely helps the students and teachers in reading materials. Students can take help for preparation of examination, they can lecture online, they can see previous syllabus, also beneficial for writing skills, learning capabilities and they can adjust the lecture of semester through the technology such as internet. Due to this we can study any time any way through technology. There is no need to punctual of time. Technology also brings the facilities for disable children they can also learn education through electronic hearing devices, also can use sign language through electronic media to magnify the communication. Everyone can notice the importance of the information technology.

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