Parts of Speech:

part of speech noun pronoun verb adverb adjective preposition conjunction interjection and their examples.

Parts of Speech in English Language with Examples
Parts of Speech build on their uses and function. These are divided into several types of Parts of Speech but there are main eight Parts of Speech in English Grammar which is very useful for English Speaking and Grammar which is known as Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Adverb, Adjective, Preposition, Conjunction and Interjection.

1. Noun:

Noun is the largest class of Parts of Speech. Noun is the name of Person, Place, Events, animal or thing which teaches to students in Primary School and academy.


  • Dana is very beautiful.Here Dana is noun.
which is the name of Person

  • Labor Day is a federal holiday.
Here the word Labor Day is noun which mentions an event.

2. Pronoun:

A Pronoun is a Part of Speech which is the process of replacing someone or something.


  • Dana is a girl. She is very an intelligent.
  • She sent a picture to her father yesterday.
Here she, her, its, is a pronoun which is replaced by noun.

3. Verb:

Verb is the word which shows an action or state of existence of a subject in a sentence. Verb is the secondly largest class of parts of speech which is the most important part of speech without verb sentence can’t be occurred.


  • I believe it will be rain.
Here believe is a verb.
  • She goes to school.
Here goes is a verb.

4. Adjective

Adjective is word which shows the quality, the size, the no of noun or pronoun is called adjective.


  •  The tall student.
  •  The richest man.
Here tall, richest is an adjectives.

5. Adverb

Adverb is the word used to ads something in the meaning of verb, adjectives and another adverb.


  •  He is always for the class.
Here always is adverb.
  •  I can swim really quickly.
Here quickly modify the adverb.

6. Preposition:

Preposition is the word which shows the position of something and someone is called preposition.


  • The book is on the Table.
  • I read the book during the class.
Here on, during, behind, in, over are preposition.

7. Conjunction:

Conjunction is the word which joins the two sentences or two words are called conjunction.


  • It was raining so I went to the library.
  • We can go to library or we can stay at home

Here so, or, and, but, yet still, these all are conjunction.

8. Interjection:

Interjection is the word shows the sudden feelings and strong emotion is called interjection.


  • Ouch! That hurts!
Here oh! , Wow, hurrah these all are interjection.

These are main eight parts of Speech in English grammar which is the Basic of English Grammar which I describe completely if we know very well about this we can easily learn English.

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