Education and its Types:

Education is the way of taking and giving knowledge, skill and training at school, college, Universities. Education is the way of learning of the facts, information skill obtained by a person thought experience or education. A knowledge which obtained by the virtually or theoretically understanding of any subject is called education. Education is the key of every achievement. Education is the way to bring awareness in the people. Education is divided into many levels as preschool, primary school, secondary school, high school, colleges, and universities. These academic education is formal education as well this is also called established or classic education.

There are different Types of education which is known as formal education, informal education, self-directed learning, special education, adult education, vocational education. In formal education academic education such as Preschool, Primary school, Middle school, High School, Colleges, universities, one by one I will describe formal education.

education types formal education informal education non formal education
Types of Education Learning Formal Informal Non-Formal Educatio

Formal education:

Formal education is consisting of fundamental education which we obtain in academics. Formal education generally plays a perfect role in school atmosphere in the classroom of the several students learning and teaching with the well experience teacher of the subject. Its starts with the nursery class and gradually this go to primary, secondary and higher education which is describe shortly below.

Preschool education:

Preschool education is also known as nursery education. This is the first step of the child in education which is mostly in the age three to seven year old child that target at flatten the child virtually, mentally and with balanced teaching each of them.

Primary and secondary education:

Primary education is also known as elementary education. In primary education the child’s will be able to know about the subjects such as science, languages and mathematics and the age of the children can be five to twelve  And then secondary education is the last level in school for the of in teenage year  which is also known as general education.

Higher education:

Higher education consists of undergraduate and postgraduate as well as vocational education. This education demands work to a degree level, higher education is very necessary to national economic as a remarkable industry.

Informal education:

Informal education generally took place in educational formation and do not follow the course of study in school, colleges and universities. This education takes a vital role in a verity of places for young people.

Non-formal education:

Non formal education consist different structure such as life atmosphere and learner oriental, such as agriculture take a part which is added to something to enlarge and deploy local materials and built on participate learner.

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