Introduction of  English Grammar:

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Basic Grammar, Tenses and Types, Clause, Phrase and Types
English language is the mother language of England. This language is mostly spoken in United States, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, and Australia all over the world. English is the international language in the world because of this language is spoken in all over the world. The key of every language is called grammar without gram mar we can’t learn English we can’t speak English either this related English, Urdu and any other. English language is consists of Clauses, Part of Speech, Structure, Phrases, sentences, Punctuation, Capitalization, which is the basic of English language. If want that we have full command in English we must know the rule and regulation of English which will make us perfect. We can improve in speaking English, writing sentences correctly and also helpful for communication either it’s written English or spoken.

Basic English Grammar:

The word grammar has derived from Greek word which means letter or art. There are eight parts of speech which are Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Adverb, Adjective, Conjunction, Interjection and Preposition. Every class has its own types like there are several different types of noun which is Common noun, Proper noun, Abstract noun, Collective noun and Concrete noun. Noun is the largest word of class and then verbs is also second largest word class. Clause and phrases has also many types which is participle phrase, noun phrase, adverb phrase, infinitive phrase, adjective phrase, verb phrase and preposition phrase.

Tenses And its Types:

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Present Tense | Past Tense | Future Tense
There are main three tenses the present, the future and the past. The present tense has four present tenses which is present indefinite tense which is called simple tense secondly present continues tense thirdly present perfect tense fourthly present perfect tense. The future tense has four future tenses which are future infinite tenses, future continues tense, future perfect tense, future perfect continues tense. The past tense has also have four past tenses which is past indefinite or past simple tense, past continuous tense, past perfect tense, past perfect continues tenses.

These are basic grammar of English which depends of Tenses, Part of Speech, Clauses, Phrasal, Basic Structure which will improve our speaking and writing skill. Tenses details and examples I will explain in my next post you can visit my blog to get more updates.

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