Health education:

A Education in which we study about the state of which related to free of charge for injuries, healthiness, fitness and illness called health education. Health education is related to our life, in which we learn about that how to secure or protect the life physically strong, intellectually, socially and emotionally. Health education is the way of to combine the group and personally connected with prolong, upgrade and reestablished or bring up for human to achieve it. For making health we follow the requirement of healthy tips such as we have to give, planning and main focusing on specific behavior to upgrade the health and healthy life style, motivate the developing the information, knowledge, skills and outlook to target the changing in behavior. 

Importance of health education:

Health education have has numerous of advantage and importance. It is just like a blessing, if we know and full command in medical field we can take every step carefully. The health education develops the knowledge, intelligence, and brings out the expertise, view point in the students about health and improve and maintain health and stop and decrease the risky behaviors.. It’s improve the uses of behavior, such as child health, family plantings and be aware of early indication rapid for treatment. A person who is not feeling well, who has any diseases or have illness or who is not physically fit through health education the doctor will make the patient, enables a person to remain physically fit and its actual health just because of health education. In the current how many diseases are present here and their solution is just because of health education. the healthy person is the happiest person in the world because health is wealth.

Health Education advantage and  benefits:

Health education also tells us about mental health of the student. A healthy person can convey his life happily. He can perform the duties in the right way with tact and keenly. he is always in full of animation, energy and active mind. Health education bring intimate a human to make healthy option. Health education takes out positive changes in the mind of the students. student will always avoid the person who is smoking, drugs etc. which is deadly habits. Throw health education students obey the rule and principle which is good for health. Healthy habit should be bringing out in the early year and juvenile. We should stop the eating those things which is cause the diseases for health. We must get up early in the morning. It should be on daily basis and our duty is to do physical activity continuously and should take bath daily to clean the body and take care of their body.

These are importance of health education we should try to obey the tips of health so that we will always be in good health. health is the blessing of Allah Almighty and there is no doubt that health is wealth.

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