What is technology?

what is technology and its importance in our daily life. it give every facilities in every field of life such as in education jobs disable children.
Importance of information Technology in modern world 
The word technology has taken from Greek word “Tekhnologia” which means systematic treatment. This is the supplication which based on or present and distinguish by the methods and principle of science knowledge for partially motto and mostly use in industries. This is the branch of education which deals with engineering and put in for science another way we can say the machinery which emerge for the scientific education. The group of expertness, procedure utilizes in the better services or we can say utilize for performance in impartial. 

Importance of technology: 

As we know advancement is occurred in technology and technology is playing a major role in the modern world. Because of technology we are attached with industries, graphics, office works, promotions, publishing accounting, occupation, jobs, and carrier. So awareness comes through technology and many facilities we find because of technology and related to this category have very demand, easily achieve the jobs and start the carrier and also obtained a best experience for starting carrier. In the world technology has become depend on a jobs placement in the present time which is very important, particular for the future. The diplomas, certificates, degree of technology are very valuable and after taking the courses of technology then progress will be in your hand.

Information technology has improves in every field of life especially in education transmission. The research has upgraded the advancement of information technology. The teacher who wants to share their knowledge they can do through posting, through giving online lectures, as well they are too many online dating libraries which completely helps the students and teachers in reading materials. Students can take help for preparation of examination, they can lecture online, they can see previous syllabus, also beneficial for writing skills, learning capabilities and they can adjust the lecture of semester through the technology such as internet. Due to this we can study any time any way through technology. There is no need to punctual of time. Technology also brings the facilities for disable children they can also learn education through electronic hearing devices, also can use sign language through electronic media to magnify the communication. Everyone can notice the importance of the information technology.

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