Physical Education:

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Importance of Physical Education

The education, in which we study about the physical fitness, physical training (PT), exercise on daily bases, gym or gym working class, is called physical education. Physical education is for the purpose to improve the body physically fitness, mentally fitness, emotionally fitness, health related fitness, socially fitness, these are the physical activity through which we can conserve or nourish the body. This physical education starts from the primary school to secondary school to grow the fitness, movements. This is for the purpose of increasing healthiness. Students should take interest in physical training so that they will fresh and healthy for life time and they must involve such kind of activity through they will be health for all time. The requirement for physical is to get the bachelor degree in physical education.

Importance and source  of physical education:

Physical education is most important element of healthy life style. In order to make to healthiness, fresh mind and finish laziness in school teacher give the physical Training to students on daily basis for fifteen to twenty minutes so that students will be happy and feeling good and they will automatically ready to take interest in the lecture and study in a proper way. There are many way that we can maintain the body healthy such as cricket, football, volleyball, basketball, badminton, boxing, baseball and soft ball, athletics, cycling, running, gym and fitness, hockey, judo, tennis, wrestling, yoga and hand ball these are main way to make fitness through sports as well as there are other numerous of sports to improve the health. For physical education is in school also taking the exam before the vocation.

There are some countries like Australia, Asia, north America and Europe where the physical education has taken vital role in our life in government primary, secondary and junior college every school students should be take part in physical activity six day in a week and this is duty of teacher that he plan the physical activity for the week and tell the students benefits, advantage and importance of physical exercise so that they take the part in physical activity as well students about the food that which food is good for body or fitness. This is the duty of teacher to bring the enthusiasm and confidence in students for physical activity so that they students will be happy, fresh and take part in physical activity. These are importance of physical education we should try to follow the steps of the teacher what the teacher taught us in primary and secondary school so finally if we follow the steps and skill and bring the confidence, talents to enjoy the lifetime of healthful activity in life style.

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