What is noun: 

In English language grammar noun is secondly most use in here. Noun identify the name of person, action, any place , qualities, any event, animal, things, ideas, living being, state of the mind called noun. Such as there are numerous different of kind of noun which we can use in a sentence or paragraph and when we see the sentences we can easily identify the noun and almost utilize them in a sentence.


Noun as a places: Airport, hometown, park, countries, stadiums, these are all nouns.

Noun as things; cartoons, dramas, films, lamp these are all things.

Noun as a person: bill gates sister, teacher, students and brother, these all are nouns.

In English language grammar noun has is the most important for speaking and writing so noun types are define with example below.

Types of noun:

Countable noun or count noun:

Noun can be countable or uncountable. Count noun is those which we can count such sugar weight, too many glasses these are all countable noun. And uncountable are those noun which we can be count such as water in tank, milk in jug these all are uncountable noun.

Common noun:

Count noun is known as ordinary noun. Common noun in which represents the generally person, place or things called common noun

Example: birth, city, over pass, age, era, generation and country.

Proper Noun:

Pronoun noun identify the particular, special person called proper noun.

Example: Bill Gates, Quid-e-Azam, Pakistan, United States, diamond.

Collective noun:

Collective noun gives the reference about the group of people, place and things, called collective noun.

Example: set of geometry, set of glasses, government, Team, Family, Students.

Abstract noun:

Abstract noun are those nouns which tells about attribute, ideas, shapes and the things which we cannot seen and touchable which is invisible and which is imaginary in real life which has no physical reality. It has no state, no actuality called abstract noun.

Example: success, sadness, emotion, happiness, friendship, love, bravery, importance and time.

Concrete noun:

Concrete noun are those noun in which we talk about five senses such as smell, taste, hearing, touch and sight which is attached with in human life,

These are invisible mean we cannot see this, it cannot be consider as concrete noun. It can be in common noun, proper noun, collective noun, countable and uncountable noun.

Example: Rose, bus, train, airplane, music, water, milk, team and colony.

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