A Pronoun is a Part of Speech which is the process of replacing someone or something. Pronoun are utilized to build a sentence which will be not that much unwieldy and boring.

Pronoun and its Types such as  Personal pronouns Relative pronouns Indefinite pronoun Possessive pronouns Demonstrative pronouns Reciprocal pronouns Intensive pronouns Reflexive pronouns Interrogative pronouns
Pronoun and its Types with Example


Dana is a girl. She is very an intelligent.

She sent a picture to her father yesterday.

These all are He, it, they, we, which, whose, her, she, its, is a pronoun which is replaced by noun.

Types of Pronoun:

Pronoun has several kinds of pronoun such as

  • Personal pronouns:
  • Relative pronouns:
  • Indefinite pronouns:
  • Possessive pronouns:
  • Demonstrative pronouns:
  • Reciprocal pronouns:
  • Intensive pronouns:
  • Reflexive pronouns:
  • Interrogative pronouns:

Personal Pronoun:

The personal pronoun identify as he, she, it they, where, who, we, these are called personal pronoun. This will replace by noun to speak on behalf of people. These are called personal noun which are mostly utilize in our daily life.

Relative or comparative pronoun:

Relative pronoun are utilized to give further information to the sentence such as which, who whose, whose, that, whom, are known as relative pronoun.

Possessive Pronoun:

Possessive pronoun is that pronoun which we utilized to show ownership, property. This is also manipulation of adjective which is represented as adjective pronoun such as his, her, us, its, our, they, my, your so these are all called possessive pronoun.

Indefinite or unspecified Pronoun:

Identify pronoun are utilize for a largest group of a pronoun. These are utilize for not detailed things indefinite pronoun are many, few, some, all, anywhere everyone, everywhere, several, each, both, none, one, all are indefinite prono0un which are mostly utilize in our English speaking.

Demonstrative or indicative pronoun:

Demonstrative pronoun are utilized to indicate or specify such as those (Plural) , these (Plural), this(Singular), that (Singular) are called demonstrative pronoun.

Reciprocal Pronoun:

Reciprocal pronouns are known as mutual pronoun utilized for act, undertaking and sensitive or feelings or utilized ti identify the more than two people to follow up the an action are called Reciprocal Pronoun.

Intensive pronoun:

Intensive Pronoun is known as Empathic Pronoun utilized for Pronoun and noun in the sentences to prominence (Emphasize) in English speaking and writing called Intensive Pronoun.

Reflexive Pronoun:

Reflexive pronoun means the thought or idea of the person. Reflexive pronoun is those which is use and denote the Subject and object of the clause or verb mention to the same person or thing such as herself, himself, itself, themselves, ourselves, oneself, yourselves are called reflexive pronoun. 

Interrogative Pronoun:

Interrogation pronoun is utilize for mostly  for asking question and indirect question such as some who and whom mention the person called interrogative pronoun.

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