Science is the name of knowledge which based on predictions, inference or hypothesis, experiment, observation, ideology, and facts which are known as called the method of science in simple way the science in which we talk about related to human, environment then achieve the knowledge surrounding atmosphere and then try to explain it is called science.

Science and its Types With Detail physics chemistry biology earth science earth science  human science scope of science
Science and its Branches With Detail

Branches of science:

Science has very huge scope that’s why without dividing science it’s very difficult to understand and teaching. There are many types of science such as chemistry, physics, biology, space science or astronomy, geology, human biology, life science, zoology, botany, oceanology, earth science.

Chemistry science:

The branch of science in which we study about chemical and their chemical properties, chemical reaction, carbon chemistry composition and characteristics is called chemistry. Chemistry science has divided to several types to understand it such as

Physical chemistry and biochemistry

Organic chemistry and Inorganic chemistry

Industrial chemistry and Chemistry of Analytical

These are the branches of chemistry.

Physics Science:

The branch of science in which study matter, energy, and their characteristics and how their interaction with atomic, nuclear, modern science is called physics science and Physics science is divided into many types to comprehend it such as

Thermodynamics physics

Molecular physics and Optical physics

Atomic physics and modern physics

Nuclear physics and Electronic physics

Electro magnetism physics and Statistical physics

Classical physics and Matter condensed or liquefies physics.

These are the branches of physics science which is make is easy understand the science.

Biology science:

The word biology is taken from Greek word. Bio mean life and logy mean study so the branch of science in which study about living organism such as plants, human, animal, bacteria called biology science. There are numerous branches of biology which is easy to understand it such as

Geography biology and evolution biology

Physiology and morphology

Agriculture bio logy and forestry biology

Economical and taxonomy biology

Biology of science medicine and biology of genetics

Molecular biology and paleontology

Horticulture and animal biology

These are major types and its branches of science in future I will explain all the types and its branches in detail. This is divided to many for the purpose of to comprehend the concept of science.

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