Biography of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH):

The Life of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) | Condition of Arab | Success Of Muhammad (PBUH)
The Life of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH

The prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was born in 570 A.D in Makkah the founder of islam was Muhammad (PBUH his father name was Abdullah ibn Abdul –Muttalib who is died before the birth of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) in Medina his mother was died in madina at the place which is known as Abwa. After the dead of Muhammad (PBUH) father his grandfather Abdul-Muttlaib had taken the responsibility to nourish the Muhammad (PBUH) in that his age was seven year old. After the dead of his father his uncle has taken responsibility to nourish him.

Condition of Arab: 

Allah had Chosen Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to show the right way to the world. He was dissimilar from other boys of his age. He was kind, most merciful, and always helps the other. Due to his honesty and Truthfulness, showing affection people called him Ameen and Sadiq.When Holy Prophet was the age of forty the message came from Allah Almighty that start the preaching and spread the message of Allah. Muhammad (PBUH) has changed the life of the Arab people. Before the preaching the Arab condition was in very bad.

They were involved in evils and they did not worship Allah but they follow the Gods and Idols. They were drinking wine and gambling. They do not respect anyone. No was secure in that time and they did fighting and thousand and hundred was killed due to ignorance. They treat with woman like animal and ignorance was occurred everywhere in their then Muhammad (PBUH) has started the preaching.

Preached The People of Arabia:

When he starts the preaching then He asked the people to worship only allaj Almighyt and leave the worship of idol and people becomes the enemy of Muhammad (PBUH) faced many difficulties and troubles but the Holy prophet was full confidence, courage and determination. He never gives up from preaching the start time the few of them accept Islam. Gradually the Work hard of Muhammad (PBUH) was bring the Progress and the follower of Islam was increased. The enemy of his was very furious and they came to his house to kill him. The prophet was already has left that place for M]adina with his friend Abu Bakar. Distance between Makkah to Madina in which was very dangerous. The enemies were looking everywhere and the wanted kill him.

Success of ProphetMuhammad (PBUH):

When Muhammad (PBUH) left the place of Madina. A lot of people has accepted the Islam as well from Makkah. The mesageof Allah reached many Tribes of Arabia. Day in Day out people was accepting the Islam. The huge change was occure due to the work of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). They left figting, gambling, drinking and give the right and respects of women which Islam has given. They live like brother and start offering prayer. After few years all the people had accepted the Islam. The blessinf of Islam spread all over the world from Arab. Islam taught them their duties that how to become unite, strong and powerful. So Islam taught them a complete and successful method of life.Islam is Complete and Perfect Religion. The Quran which is Revealed On Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was the complete message of living life. Here we find all problems solutions and also show us right path. Finally The Islam will always be bright.

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