What is computer?

Types of Computer or Classes of Computer by size, by generation technology  computer,  by functional, by utlization
Types of Computer or Classes of Computer

The word computer has been taken from compute which means to calculate, work out, count up, add up, add together and figure as well its use for store the data. Computer is an electronic device use for receiving and giving data and accomplishes the series of operations for the purpose of determine and changeable collection of programs and signal and difference state and almost every field of life. Computer has the precious for us in our daily life, for business, receiving, storing, and numerous way is there where we use computer.

Types of computer:

There are many types of computer in different way like in the types by size computer, computer types of functional, computer types of usage or utilization and computer types of inspiration or generation computer technology.

Types of  size of computer:

According to types of size computer has different types such as minicomputer, super computer, main frame computer and personal computer or microcomputer consist of laptop computer, tablet computer, desktop smart, mobiles computer, computer, these types are classifies according to size of computer. Inside the car computer, programmable read only memory computer, handheld computer, smarts books computer, , these computer types are classified in size computer.

Types of functional of computer:

According to types of functional computer have many types such as virtual machine computer. Server computer, fatal or terminal server computer, industry station or work station computer, information instrument computer or particular appliance computer, embed computer. These are the types of computer according to functional computer.

Types of utilization computer:

According to types of usage computer has many types such as display computer or set out computer like Wi-Fi, split or share computer, private or personal computer, public or universal computer like fire walled.

Types of inspiration or generation computer technology:

First generation is utilized in vacuum tubes, designing tubes, are available in latest program. Second generation is utilized for distinct or discontinuous transistors and third generation is utilized for combine or merge circuit.it can be use large scale, medium scale and a huge scale.
These are the completely types of computer in different classes or types. Computer is become the part of our life which is very beneficial and essential for us.

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