Engineering Education:

The word engineer has taken from ingenious which means cleverness and Engineering is the supplication of mathematics and scientific.

The Engineering education is the sub divide of Science apprehensive with the intention, designing’s and building and the concept for the professional training in engineering. Its usage is for engine and mechanism and structures, construct called Engineering education or we can also say the action of working to bring something about is known Engineering Education. This is the beginner of engineering education to show advantage an engineer and for any advance education. This is foe a special ambition to follow it. It’s also containing of economic and practical knowledge and the scope of engineering education is very high-rise.

Engineering is mostly divided into four main branches.

Chemical engineering:

Chemical engineering is combining or demanding too many branches of engineering such as chemistry, biology, physics and the law of engineering follow up for the chemical process on a scale or lamina, the example of this is Food production, petrochemicals, bio molecule industrial chemicals etc.

Civil engineering:

Civil engineering is professional engineering based on establishment, naturally atmosphere to construct, it’s also related to working such as public, private works, roads, airport, railway water supply, building, dams, canal, span etc.

Electrical engineering:

Electric engineering based on designing, assemble and Electronic system. This is very beneficial such as power stations, computer system, Trains, telecommunications, Robot and cars, buses, optical fibers and can also utilize for Circuit, an electronic devices, motors and aircrafts etc.

Mechanical engineering:

Mechanical engineering is playing a vital role in our life which based on mechanical and physical systems and other too many instrument. this can be utilize too many ways such as air conditions, power energy systems, electric generator, aircraft's systems, for refrigerator, weapons, power using machines and engines etc.

Other Branches:

These are the four major branches of engineering education. If we read out the historical events we find many branches such as written below

Process Engineering:

Corrosion Engineering:

Bi molecular engineering:

Material Engineering:

Molecular Engineering:

Optical Engineering:

Power Engineering:

Computer Engineering:

Electronic Engineering:

Thermal Engineering:

Sports Engineering:

Acoustical Engineering:

Manufacturing Engineering:

Vehicle Engineering:

 There is more branches of engineering if we go to the depth of engineering education details..


Due to Engineering education the world has totally changed we have the each and every facilities and make the world beautiful which has never in past. Scientists toiled and took the courses for engineering education and their work hard represent today world. Engineer always gives attention creation and invention. The engineer makes the ideology and designs for innovation that people can utilize. This can be a device, computer programs, software's, these all invention is occurring in our life due to engineering education.

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