Education mean to aware about something, its mean to bring changes in our life, in our society, I our environment. Education signifies to bring the moral ethic or in human being. Education is the main factor which tells us difference between educated or literate person and uneducated or illiterate person.

Islamic Education:

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Importance of Islamic education and benefits

Islamic education is the study in which we study about the Islam, the religion of Muslim which follows the rule and regulation of the Holy Book Quran and the Last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and it’s our faith that Allah almighty revealed the Quran Pak on Muhammad (PBUH) and he is the Messenger of Allah Almighty. Muslim follows the Islamic Studies, Madras-ah, Islamic humanities, Arabic Education these all comes in Islamic Education.

Islamic Education Importance:

Islamic education is most important for every Muslim and must be follow the Islam rule and regulation. We must give attention the holy Book Quran Pak, on Islamic education, study of Islamic, so that we can easily select the right. We should know the Importance of Islamic education. Every one of them have the rights to Achieve and learn Islamic education because Islam says that education is compulsory for every one whether male or female another place Islam say that get education even you have to reach china. Education is the key of success and code of our life. Islamic is the part of Muslim life without Islam we having no prospect of progress. The Muslims are Unite and grip the Islamic value tightly for the ambition of to be strong and unite so then never come down in the world as well in the judgment day. Muslims must know attached with in Islamic Studies and should know about Muhammad (PBUH), Quran and Message of Allah Almighty.

Islamic Education Advantage:

Islamic Education has Numerous of Benefits which changes our whole life we achieve comfortable. In our vicinity should have an Islamic school, academy where Islamic education should be teach step by step and the life of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the holly Quran and should be tell the humanity that what Quran says and should be translated into all language such as English, Urdu, Persian, Japanese, Spanish, British, Turkic another translate it so that every know about Islam that what isla says and how to follow it or accept it. We know each and every thing such as our prophet Muhammad (PBUh) struggle in Arab for Islam and spread the Islam in Makah and Medina in Arab and How Islam come with us because of the work hard of prophet, scholar. We find all solution in in Islamic Education.

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