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Introduction to Computer (Fundamental Concept) Introduction to Computer (Fundamental Concept), Advantage of Computer, Importance of Computer, Main Component of Computer, Definition of Software and Hardware
Introduction to Computer (Fundamental Concept)

The word computer has been taken from Latin word computer which means to calculate or count. Computer is an electronic machine which is competent of receiving information and knowledge in a specific form and fulfills the series of operation in agreement with advance established and other way can say a human who make working out, particularly with a calculation machine.

Definition of Software and Hardware:

Software is the program which is the most important factor of computer and the operating information utilize for the computer. Software is the group of key to install into the computer hardware. Hardware is the physical gadget, machinery, tool and other physical components of a computer or other electronic system or physical parts of a computer or other electronic system.


Internet browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer

Photo / Graphics program such as Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw 

Operating system such as Android, iOS, Linux, macros, Windows 

Movie player such as VLC, Windows Media Player

Main Component of Computer:

Computer has many most important parts which I have written below:

Hardware, Random Access Memory (RAM) (known As Memory), Optical drive

Display adapter, Processor of CPU (central processing unit)

Mother board known as base board or logic system

Power supply unit (PSU), DVD and CD drive

Importance of Computer:

At the present time computer education has played important role in our Society. Computer show the benefit in our youth. The current youth students like the modern education and also technological advancement is occurred in our life. The importance of computer is almost growth all over the world so its mean this is era of modern education so it’s very must to learn computer education. Our new juvenile accepts with happiness the modern education such as computer education and they are advanced and very talented. We can say the technology is in the era of new generation.

Advantage of Computer:

In these time computer make us near to the relatives who live an out of the country due to computer education we can get any kind of information and will know everything and close to the modern education. Computer education helps us to how to improve pronunciation by using specific websites and software. This is very beneficial for us a person who have full in this kind of technology he /she can easily achieve the jobs without any difficulty, canto any business, obtain a jobs in counting and there are too many jobs for that person who have full command in computer or modern education and Because of computer we can contact all over the world.

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