Introduction of Muhammad Ali Jinnah (quad-e-Azam):

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History of  Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born in 25 December, !876 and died 11 September 1948.  Muhammad Ali Jinnah is the Founder of Pakistan. His sister name was Dina Wadia. He is the father of nation known as Baba-i-Qaum. .His grandfather name was Poonja Gokuldas Meghji and he was Hindu. He received is started education from Karachi After that he admitted in Madrsa-tul-Islam in Sindh. he cleared his matriculation in 1895 and after that his father decide to send him in England for further education and his parents decide that before he go in England they did his arrange marriage. He took his Barrister's degree from Inchon’s known as bar of England as well He achieves the law degree. When he come back in Karachi 1986 he realize that his father business was not good as before. Jinnah has degree of law so he started practice in Bombay, India. And he took many year to created himself as a lawyer.

He was a lawyer as well great leader. He struggle for all India Muslim league from 1913 till the independence of Pakistan on 14 august, 1947. In month of May 1928 Muhammad ali Jinnah left the England and come back after 6 month. He made the viewpoint of Muslim strong under the fourteen (14) items and these points become the point of Muhammad ali Jinnah IN 1929. THE Birth of Muhammad ali jnnah is the national holiday of Pakistan. He was the first governor general of Pakistan after the independence or partition from the India.

Struggle of Muhammad Ali Jinnah:

Quad-e-Azam trusts and realize that the Muslim of the India subcontinent must have own state or voice so the Muslim league by quad-e-Azam passed the Lahore resolution in Muslim league got strength and the other side leader of congress were in jail during second world war and after this war Muslim league get many seats for Muslim and finally Muslim got a new state whose name was Pakistan in 14 august 1947 after that Muhammad Ali Jinnah become the first governor General  of Pakistan and then he created the new policies and government for progress the Pakistan. That that numerous of people migrate from India to Pakistan and for that government create the campus.He ports a extensive and respected legacy in Pakistan. He made too many streets, roads and theb position in the world. he made numerous of School, colleges, universities and public building in Pakistan. He was greatest leader in history.

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