Road traffic Introduction:

Road traffic Accident and Precautions road Traffic introduction Road Accident Road traffic precautions
Road traffic Accident and Precautions
Road traffic precaution represent the procedure is utilized for to stop the road accident. Many people killed and injured which is necessary to prevent it. Road traffic consists of cyclist, motorist, car buses, van, pedestrians, vehicles passenger (motor, bike, car, truck, buses, train, watercraft, ships, and boats), horse rider, public transport such as coaches. In pedestrian people walk or running on foot, and also other comes in pedestrians such as skateboards, scooter, wheel chair and roller skates. Cyclist is common as bike and cycling which utilize as transport, relaxation, sports, play and entertainment and this also tricycle and unicycle and Quadracycle. These are including in road traffic.

Road accident:

In passage of time the quantity of traffic bus car vehicles etc. are increasing day in and day out due to road accident are increasing. Every day we heard about road accident in social media and news channels, newspaper, there is reason of road accident such as:

Many driver took smoking, drugs, drinking wine, do to driver mistake road accident occurred and the transport are not in good condition or repair and maybe any problems such as break fail, tires burst, wiring problem this is cause of road accident.

Accident may be occurring due to animals crossing; deadly curves, street racing, using mobile phones reckless driving, and it can be because of raining. They don’t follow the traffic sign and cross the road and accident happened because the teenager drives.

Night driving, ice, snow, fog can be dangerous and got accident. People drive the car in wrong way, quickly turns that also causes accidents.

Road traffic precaution:

  1. We should try to secure ourselves because life is very important for every one mistake, accident can destroy the whole life of the people. Its better take attention before this happens so its better to ten minutes late which is better than any accident. We have follow above step to protect ourselves such as 
  2. We should try to follow the rule and regulation of traffic police and follow the traffic sign and so that we need both helps government and public. Sign board had important function to stop the accident. We must obey and gives respect to traffic police.
  3. Our road are shall in good conditions and should put sign board in every circle and roads and who break the rule should be charged strictly so that accident can be stop.
  4. Driver must check the condition of vehicles, brakes, tires, lights, should repair it with mechanic then drive it and use the good quality tires.
  5. We should avoid the using mobile phones and drinking, smoking, taking drugs during driving. And night driver should sleep 8 hour according to doctor. Driver one mistake may demolish the life of man.
  6. Driver must wear seat belt every time because seat belt is very beneficial for driver. In school time driver should drive slowly and carefully because the child is so innocent so we cannot estimate when they can come on the road.
  7. Finally the person who drives cycle, bike they must wear the helmet to protect themselves and government should charge to those people who don’t wear the helmet.

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