Secondary Education:

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Secondary Education and Classification With Detail
Secondary education or secondary school might be called Preschool, Primary School, Middle School, High School, upper school, institution, Academies, physical exercise school, vocational school, post-secondary education or third level and mostly utilize general, and above course. Secondary education coated two stages or period on the base of international typical classification. Every country always focuses on education and desire to give perfect education so system and phraseology should carry on with uniqueness. Achieving education is the basic right of the children and these all education primary, middle, high, vocational education must be free for everyone so if the nation is educated so automatically that country will progress. Education is the based of progressing.

There are following category comes in secondary education which I describe one by one.

Preschool Education:

Preschool mostly prepare for the children which comes under age three to five year. Preschool program could be the reason of children progress. Preschool relates to child life that normally introduce at elementary school called preschool education.

Primary Education:

In primary education mostly prepare for the age of about five to twelve year. In this stage child will learn primary or fundamental or essential education. This primary education comes before secondary school and after preschool. It’s also known as junior high school education or elementary school education and follows in middle school.

Higher Education:

Higher education is known post-secondary education or third level education. This is learnt after completion the secondary education as well this is the way of formal learning. This education is given in the universities and other institute with notable and the way of getting success in various field of life is such as medical treatment, experimental subject and academics activities. Academics study is given in authority and professional institutions. Higher education is also imply in different long established activity of teaching experimentation and circle services to progress the fundamental of education or knowledge through sectors and other industries.

Vocational Education:

Vocational school usually focused on carrier, jobs program which swiftly ready for graduated for the purpose of employees, staff and workforce. In Vocational education object for provided the knowledge, education to the people. In this following course are provided such as vocational school, Trade school, college and community college. These classes give training for jobs, carrier and specific role,

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