Winter Season:

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Winter Season Health  Precaution and Tips (15 Tips)
There are four season such as winter spring autumn (fall) and summer. Winter Season is known as wintertime, cold season and snow season. Winter season is coldest season of the every year. This season come before spring and after autumn season.

Tips and Precaution in Winter Season: (15 Tips)

In winter season we have too many difficulties such as, strep throat, coldness, runny nose, illness, Croup, cough, Influenza, flu, headache, sore throat, nasal congestion and other diseases. We have to follow be following points to secure ourselves from coldness and above diseases.

  1. In winter Season use the heater in room, office, put the water in steel or iron bowl so that its moisture in our house and when you to bed utilize the cream form hand, face which secure you.
  2. In winter season we have to warm ourselves through wearing coats and other things.
  3. Women should wear rubber gloves when they house work such washings dishes, room cleaning, washing clothes and use the hand lotion.
  4. In winter always wear the hot hat so that coldness does not effect on you.
  5. Don’t use that much hotter water because hot water damage your skin always use only moderately warm water instead of hot water.
  6. Bring changes between hot and cold water in drizzle or shower.
  7. Use the mittens which are also warm to protect your hands and also always coat your mouth with a scarf for protection.
  8. Always wear the gloves when you to outside for anything so that we can secure our hand.
  9. Turn on the upper inner surface of a room or any compartment.
  10. Protect your babies, child in winter season because child mislay more water through breathe from the lungs.
  11. Put any warm things in window to stop the coldness and room will become warm.
  12. If you are suffering from runny nose utilize the cold air humidifier in the room. This will be helpful for nosebleeds.
  13. Utilize the thermostat or a device which maintain the temperature from the certain point. 
  14. If your room is damage so repair it and clean the fireplaces and stop carbon monoxide in urgent situation.
  15. Finally in winter season you should available winter luggage such as Gloves, Blanket, Dry food, Plastics bags, heater and other winter season which are in use in winter.

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