Air Pollution:

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Air Pollution Kinds, Causes, Effects and
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Air pollution is the biggest problems of the world. The word “Pollute” means to produce unclean and dirty through dangerous or harmful materials and substances. So we can say air pollution mean making unclean and muddy the environment where we breathe so this causes is because of smoking, dangerous gasses, chemical steam and haze. Which consist of particles and molecules available in atmosphere?

Kinds of Air Pollution:

There are two types of pollution such as:

  1. Air Pollution
  2. Water pollution

  1. Air pollution:

Air pollution caused because of Traffic pollution, Pressure horns, aero planes, loudspeaker and industrial machinery etc. these all are known as noise pollution which is cause of pollution as well this gradually damaging our ears.

  1. Water Pollution;

Water pollution caused because of our canals, lakes and river where we are swimming and from where we obtain water for drinking and for eating fish is also consist of pollution because of negligent people, industries, and those people who throw the garbage, water materials, in to the  water. So because of this we cause the illness, we take many difficulties for our health.

Effects of Pollution:

The whole world scientist is being concerned about these air pollution. According to them life is dangerous on earth due to air pollution. Our land has a layer of ozone around it that preserve from extreme heat and dangerous rays. Smoke and dangerous chemical is damaging ozone layer. Life on earth is suffering badly. We have to become unite and take a step against this air pollution.

Solution of Air pollution:

If we want to control the air pollution we have to become unite and take some step to stop the air pollution and life will save on earth such as:

  • Those Cars, buses, bikes, rickshaw who gives too much smoke should not be permission to come on the roads.
  • Those factories that cause the air pollution should not be allowed to work in city only those factories allowed who cause the pollution minimum.
  • Trees are blessing for us so Focus on growing trees how much we can and don’t allow to cut the forest or burn the forest.
  • Government should provide electric trains and ships which are free of smoke should be given to the public.
  • If we see anywhere that thing which is cause of pollution so we should give the information against that to authorities.

This is the only way that we can stop the air pollution and make our life healthy and save.

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