Causes & Solution of UN-Employment
Causes & Solution of UN-Employment

The unemployment means occupation, jobs, line of work, profession, trade and work so we can say that absence of employment is called unemployment. When the people are jobless and out of work so they are called employed, this is the major problem of our country Pakistan as well some other country.

Causes of unemployment:

Unemployment is bad evil for the society due to some specific reason and far approaching consequence. This is incantation starvation, diseases and death due to unemployment. They are uneducated so the culture and no anxiety for wrong and right, better and worse, good path and wrong path. The dishonesty, corruption, fraud, cheating, crime, sin, and these are kinds of evils found in our society where the population is jobless in a large strength. If you give the glance to politician so the unemployment produces dissatisfaction in the public. The votes are persuading someone to accept and bought single turn and violence are the result of the uneducated, jobless and unemployment. Our public is busy to find the outside jobs for themselves and they are not giving attention to their rights, duty as the citizen of his country.

Major points of the cause of unemployment:

The cause of unemployment is spread everywhere due to below reason.

  • First of all causes of unemployment is the birth rate is very high due to this day in and day out unemployment is increasing. The sources are less to maintain the huge public so which is cause the unemployment.
  • Secondly our country doesn’t come in industrials country. Due to the lack of factories our public is jobless because no work is here to do and because they are not well educated in the field of technology.
  • Thirdly some of the people are having special rights to keep the keys of industries to themselves. So the work should be divided in to many people so that people enough work to do.
  • Fourthly or lastly we have to give full attention to our education department because our education is not in a good condition which causes the unemployment.

Solution of Unemployment:

To finish the unemployment is not that much to resolve it as soon as possible.
  • Our new youth can be confidant to talk with joint venture farming. Some of them should allow going for universities education.
  • There should be a published more and more vocational and training academy. 
  • Birth rate should be reduces and planning should there in family. 
  • After this main points and more other if we follow it so it may possible that unemployment problem can be solve.

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