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History and Facts of The Planet Earth

Introduction of our Earth:

The Erath in which we are living is such a beautiful Planet. Earth is moving to the rear of the sun. There are nine planets which turn around the sun at various distances. Our earth is coming in third number and it’s nearest to the sun. its consist of more than two third part of water. Our earth is being enough o0f water. This is made of land and ocean. Our earth is having lands, mountain, rivers, animal, birds, plants, deserts, plains and people found on our earth.

History of Our Earth:

In our mind question is rising that how earth came into being so there are some hypothesis which I describe below. Firstly some of the scientist said that its created as a biggest ball of gas and dust and the ball come into smaller When the dust and gasses has pressed closer or near. Slowly the gasses vanished and mass of the solid matter left behind. So according to their concept these mass finally connect with each other to make the solid earth.

Secondly some other scientists said that the earth is the piece of the broken sun. According to this piece had broken away from the sun along to the other pieces and its result earth is created which is circling around the sun from that time. When its broke that this piece was too hot slowly it’s become cool and take the shape and form. After that the above surface of the move back. Some parts of the surface raise in high and created as mountain and some parts go down and take shape of valleys and other become plains. Every living beings exhale the carbon dioxide which is utilized the animals and plants and the return ut gives oxygen which is important for human. Tree and plants is very beneficial for us to give oxygen to the human and animals.

Human Struggle to make beautiful:

Human has toiled to make it fabulous and good looking through making bridges, buildings, cities, growing plants, trees. Due to human struggle earth became pleasant and attractive home for himself. Finally Allah almighty gave the fruit of success of their struggle. We must thanks to Allah almighty who gives us such a beautiful planet.
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