Knowledge is power:

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Knowledge is Power Explanation with Example 

No doubt that knowledge is power and the strength which knowledge gives us to be utilized for better or for worse. Through the medical knowledge the doctors can restore to health or remove the diseases and secure the life of patient. very famous quote is that obtain knowledge even you have to go china so its mean that knowledge is power. so if we want to male strongest so achiever knowledge how much you can as well try to make your self educated person. so knowledge is power meaning
knowledge is power article knowledge is power and power is everything.


Take the Example of Between the mediocre ages in Europe the only literate person is ordain to the priesthood. The nobleman, courageous and kings ruling princes often cannot even eligible to read and write. The kings had to selected ordain to the priesthood as their ministers. Except if the was person of strongest main character. The all power in the hand of clever ordain to the priesthood. The human of the pen possessed great then the sword.
In the same time if we see the enlighten nations can reduce the ignorance. The skillful of characterized by refined taste and manners and good education can control the illiterate people. The knowledge provided them Due to knowledge and coordination of man. The only six of the cultured knowledge person knowledge power is better than from that person who is physically strong but in inside they are equal.

Now a day if you can example of America and Europe the education is spread everywhere and the people who are working anywhere they are also better and advance educated or knowledge. The generally people are best in education and knowledge. They are now no longer under the any king. They like the representative government and rule and regulation of the government.


The physically fit person is a comparatively lacking the power animal who actually cannot run like a cheetah, horse, who cannot fly like bee, birds who is like a strong like tiger or who is not like power of elephant, the bear or lion. Who don’t have the ability of to secure themselves like the tiger fangs and claws and protect himself? The man cannot defeat the all these strong and solid beast.

Finally the greatest knowledge and intellectual capacity which make the person the king of creatures, invention to him for physically power.
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