Introduction of IDP:

Islamic Development Bank (IDP) Merit Scholarship, Introduction of IDP, Description of Scholarship, Application Deadline, Benefits of Scholarship, Eligibility Criteria,
The Islamic Development Bank (IDP) Merit Scholarship
for PhD Students in 2018

The IDP (Islamic Development Bank) is a agreed upon evolution financing institution situated in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It was established in 1973 by the Finance Ministers at the first Organization of the Islamic Conference with the help of the king of Saudi Arabia at time commence its activities on 20 October, 1975.

Description of Scholarship:

  • The application deadline is not mention now but shortly it will be announced.

Field of Study:

The IDP (Islamic Development Bank) is appealing the applicants of PhD on Merit base Scholarship. The study in scientific rule and disciplines that increase development in IDB (Islamic Development Bank member countries with the first priority to able to be maintained at a certain rate in , weather conditions Change | Energy, Sustainable Cities | in control of Growth | Waste controlling | inhabitants Growth | Agricultural Development | Education for Sustainable Development | Green Chemistry | Biodiversity | Water and Hygiene | Health and ICT for Development | Plastic Pollution & Micro Plastics | | Innovation & enterprise progressing | Islamic Economics | Finance & Banking & progressing connected Social Sciences. The Programme is plan also to support researchers to take on a six-twelve month specific innovative post-doctoral research Scheme to address a problem-solving matter in member countries which is refer to above fields of study.

Advantage of Scholarship:

This scholarship awarded following advantage for PhD student such as:

  • All academic expenditure
  • The Living allowances on single state basis
  • The Health Insurance or death in return for payment of a premium
  • The Circle trip air-tickets & from a particular position of study

Eligibility Criteria of IDP:

The applicant should meet to be eligible for this scholarship the following below points:

  • The applicant has to influence the required as academic backdrop in the connected field of their put forward study of research and have some professional/research experience in the separate field.
  • The applicant maximum age should not over 35 years for PhD students & for the Post-Doctoral research applicant age is 40brfore the last date of this scholarship.
  • The Attached to a research, academic, development institution in science and technology in their separate country.
  • The evidence that the research project has scientific and technological relevance with the ambition for discussion the regarded progressing necessity of the country;
  • The applicant has well command of the language of the institution of study and the capability to management scientific work.

Method of Applying:

  • The applications should be collected through the HEC (higher education commission). HEC will forward the allow applications to the IDB (Islamic development Bank) and the applications put forward directly to the IDB will not be acceptable.
  • Print HEC online application form (one set) already submitted through HEC e-portal and attach bank deposit slip only with HEC application form.
  • And for the Egypt, the applicant should forward the application form through the Higher Universities Council, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, alternatively of the Office of the IDB (Islamic Development Bank).

The application is apply through HEC. You can apply through official websites which I have given the link below:

Apply online :

If You Have Any Query So you can Ask From Me Thorugh Comments Me Below:

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