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The Role of Education in National Progress

The word education has been taken from Latin word education. Education is most necessary for us without education we are nothing. Now question is arising in our mind that what is education so education mean information, knowledge, learning, teaching, preparation, Schooling, training, improvement, development and literacy is called education which we can get anywhere. The key of every success is education which brings us ethic, confidence, improvement, changes in the behavior and our future will be shining just because of education. The secret of progressing nation is also due to role of education.

Role of Education:

The Education is the extensive field according to its role distributes it into three parts Such as:
  • Vocational Educati on (relating to an occupation or employment)         
  • Social Education (relating to society or its organization)
  • Political Education (relating to the government or the public affairs)           
  • Moral Education (anxious with the principles of right)

There can be two necessity of the nation:
  • They should be a rich in data resources and expertise in Work hard or toiled.
  • They should be a united, contains of better men having, understandable ambition and unquestionably observation so education well pleased of all.

Affects of Education:

If we observe that which country is progressing just because of the role of education and the struggle of their nation? The nation is created by men of the men education not by the wealth. The changes occur just because of the role of education Progress. The modern human development with its innovation and advancement is occurring just because of the education. The ability of working of a nation is dependent on the vocational education such as doctor and engineer’s. The biggest dams, roads constructions, brawl against the diseases and ignorance or uneducated people. Trade, the bank system all depend on the education as well all facilities are achieving through education which is known as vocational education.

Each country has a society and every one of us attach with the society. The society should live with comfortable and happy which comes through social education which is the evidence the role of education. The moral education is also important for us. If the people don’t know to how to talk with elder | parents or if they are lazy, having no sense so that kind of people moral education played the vital rule in every nation. The development of a nation in reality depends upon the man.

So these are the role of education in each nation and also secret of progressing countries which is progressing just because of educated people.
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