The new UKRI (FLF) Future Leaders Fellowship scheme is now available to develop, keep hold, attract and sustain research and innovation natural aptitude in the UK. This scheme desired to help outstanding and high potential future research and innovation leaders.

Description of Scholarship:

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STFC UKRI Future Leaders Fellowships
 Scheme In UK, 2018
  • The last date of this scholarship is July 3, 2018.
  • The course level of this fellowships is accessible is to pursue research.
  • The Study Subject, area of research or innovation covered by the Research Councils and Innovate UK.
  • The Provider of this scholarship is UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship scheme (FLF) desired to develop, keep hold, attract and sustain research and innovation talent in the UK.
  • The advantage of this scholarship is to support offered will be long-term and flexible and will give comprehensive package of support, consisting the fellow’s salary and justified research, staff and training prize, with 7 years of support accessible on a 4+3 model, with a assessment in 4 year. The case for support should make clear the long-term aims of the programme, and why they matter – while providing more specific plans and costing for the first 4 years.
  • For business applicants, those in the user community or other applicants, 4 years’ support may be enough and there is no need to apply for a further 3 years of funding if this is not needed Successful candidates will have the relating to the intellect and financial freedom to progress and change direction over this period. 
  • This fellowship is for the international & UK Applicants.
  • The number of scholarship is six calls for these fellowships which is divided as:
  • The two calls each year between 2018-19 and 2020-21 (financial years), typically awarding at least 100 fellowships per call across UKRI’s remit (with the initial round being smaller, desiring to award 50 fellowships).
  • This Scholarship will be given in the country of UK.

Eligibility Criteria of Scholarship:

The eligible applicant must meet the following requirements
  1. The Applicants are anticipated hold a doctorate by the begin date of the fellowship or to be able to demonstrate equal to research experience and/or training.
  2. These fellowships are for initially career academics and innovators who are transitioning to / creating independence. Senior academics and innovators are not allowed to apply. There are no eligibility rules based on years since PhD or whether the applicant presently holds a permanent/open ended academic position or job role.
  3. The Applicants should use the person explanation (below) to assess and justify their suitability for the scheme with reference to the targated of the programme.
  4. The Applicants should have significant help from their hosting organization (s), eplain below in section 3. Host organizations are also encouraged to use the scheme to bring talented individuals to the UK from abroad.
  5. The Applications are welcome from those returning to research or innovation from a career break or following time in other roles; there are no time limits in respect of time spent outside a research or innovation atmosphere.
  6. The Fellowships may be held on a part-time basis in order to combine research/innovation with personal leadership. The Applicants can propose to hold a fellowship on a part-time basis for four years or can choose to request a part-time fellowship over a longer time period which would have equated to four years full-time as they wish; job shares are also possible.
  7. It is expected that fellows’ full working time will be committed to these fellowships or activities related to the fellowship from begin of the award. Therefore, those with substantial ongoing research commitments as a result of take part in other grants are not allowed to apply. Awardees will have the flexibility to progress a breadth of experience and partnerships, and secure further research/innovation funding later in the award, but should ensure that these other activities do not agreement their focus, or achievement of the desire of the fellowship.

Method of Applying:

This is a single scheme across the entire UKRI remit, with no ring-fenced budgets for particular areas and no barriers to interdisciplinary or cross-sector research.

First round:

It is compulsory for the first round of this call that host organizations submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for each of the candidates they plan to submit to the first round, by 7 June 2018.
The Full applications should be submitted via the Joint Electronic Submission system Je-S by 16:00 BST, 3 July 2018 for the first round.

The second round will close in October 2018.

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