The Applications for PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) & MD scholarship is presently being accepted at The (BSIO) Berlin School of Integrative Oncology in Germany.

The BSIO (Berlin School of Integrative Oncology) offers structured three Year doctoral program jointly educating natural scientists & physicians/medical students in the field of integrative oncology & features outstanding research conditions.

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Description of Scholarship

  • The Last Date of The Application is 19 June, 2018. 
  • The Host Institute of the Scholarship is The BSIO (Berlin School of Integrative Oncology). 
  • The Course Level of the Scholarships is obtainable to follow available PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) & MD programs. 
  • The Study Subject of the Scholarships is awarded for different research projects obtainable.
  • The course of the Scholarship starts in 2018. 
  • This Scholarship is eligible for the all Nationality like International students to apply. 
  • The Number of Scholarship is not specified. \
  • The Scholarship will be given in the country of Germany. 
  • The Advantage of the PhD positions appr. Equal 65% of the salary level of a full researcher position (E13 level).
  • The MD scholarships differ between medical students & medical graduates and will be paid according to the scholarship regulations of the DFG (German research foundation). The All positions & scholarships also consists an annual allowance for supplies and funds for conference attendance and other project-related activities.
  • There is no tuition fee for the BSIO (Berlin School of Integrative Oncology) program.
  • The Students enrolled will have to pay a semester fee od appr. 310 € every 6 months, this is not a tuition fee, but it covers public transportation in Berlin for 6 (six) months and a fee for the student union providing housing chances and dining halls for students. 
BSIO PhD and MD Scholarships for International in Germany in 2018, Eligibility Criteria, Method of Applying, Description, Application Deadline, Field of Study

BSIO PhD and MD Scholarships/Positions for International Students in Germany, 2018

Eligibility Criteria of the Scholarship:

The Applicant must meet the Following Criteria:
Eligibility criteria – PhD (Dr. rer. nat.) track:
  • Sc. in basic sciences or equal to or 
  • Sc. in basic sciences (fast track) or 
  • in rare cases: enrollment in medical school/graduation from medical school (outstanding grades and research experience needed) 
  • Please Note: you can apply for the program even if you have not achieved your M.Sc. degree yet, you are still allow for the program if you will be awarded the M.Sc. degree until November 2018 (please provide an overview of your grades achieved in your M.Sc. (master of Science) program so far in this case) 
Eligibility criteria – MD (Dr. med.) track:
  • Enrolment in medical school or 
  • Graduation from medical school 
  • Eligibility criteria – trans disciplinary PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) track: 
  • M.Sc. or equal to in social sciences or humanities (potentially in addition to a M.Sc. (or equal to) in fundamental of science. 

Additional requirements for all applicants:
  • The applicant should proof of English proficiency, e.g., the TOEFL, IELTS or BULATS test, is mandatory for all applicants except if English is the applicant’s native language or
i)  if more than 2 years of the applicant’s education (during B.Sc./M.Sc. or equal to) has been entirely in English (you will need to provide a proof for this)

  • The minimum score for admission is 90 (TOEFL) or 6,5 (IELTS) --> PLEASE NOTE: you can apply for the BSIO even if you will receive your test results after June 19, but applicant should have registered for a test of English proficiency before the deadline and need to provide us with the test results before July 27, 2018 
  • The reference letters by 2 referees selected by the applicant (PLEASE NOTE: as soon as an applicant has filled in the referees' email addresses in the respective fields of the application tool, referees will automatically receive a link to our online platform with a request to fill in a reference form, so applicant should have contacted your referees before you fill in their email addresses) 

Method of Applying:

The applicant must meet the following:
The Application is possible via the BSIO (Berlin School of Integrative Oncology) online application portal only.

The following steps are necessary to complete your application:
  1. Register with your email address at, after that you will receive an email 
  2. Confirm the link in that email (the email will also contain your username and password) 
  3. Log in with your username and password at
  4. Fill in your application details (including the contact data of 2 referees who have agreed to a reference letter for you-we will contact them after you have filled in their email addresses)
i) applicant don’t need to complete your application at once, but you can log off and continue your application later on
    5: Submit your application (opening time of the application tool will be announced soon)

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