The Wellcome Sanger Institute is inviting Janet Thornton Fellowship for those who have been out of scientific research for 12 months or more to return to high quality postdoctoral training.

The Wellcome Sanger Institute before known as The Sanger Centre and Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute is a non-profit British genomics , primarily funded by the Wellcome Trust. It is founded in 1992. Its success is founded on the expertise and knowledge of its people since 2000, the Institute expanded its mission to understand "the role of genetics in health and disease”. The Institute now employs around nine hundred (900) people.

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Description of Scholarship:

Janet Thornton Postdoctoral Fellowship in UK, 2018, At Wellcome Sanger Institute, Description, Eligibility Criteria, Application Procedure, Deadline, Field of Study
Janet Thornton Postdoctoral
Fellowship in UK, 2018
  • The last Date of the application is 29 June 2018. 
  • The Host Institute of the Scholarship is The Wellcome Sanger Institute 
  • The Course Level of the Fellowship is obtainable to following Postdoctoral programme. 
  • The advantage of the Fellowship is for a duration of 3 years, can be worked full time, part time or flexibly at the Sanger Institute on the Wellcome Genome Campus in Hinxton near Cambridge and consists:
a) Salary £31,503 – £39,492
b) Research expenses, consisting generous consumables & travel costs for conferences and training courses
c) Access to training and help resources from across the organisation
d) Access to the University of Cambridge Careers Service

  • The Study Subject of Fellowship is obtainable in the following projects:
  1. Anderson Project: Using next-generation sequencing to comprehend inflammatory bowel disease
  2. Davenport Project: Integrating functional genomics & clinical datasets to understand drug response heterogeneity
  3. Lawley Project: Impact of early life microbiota colonization on long-term health and development
  4. Parts Project: Mapping the robustness & determinants of gene functions
  5. Rayner Project: High throughput genetic approaches to Identify targets for new antimalarial drugs
  6. Teichmann Project: Genomic & computational dissection of tissue architectures 
  7. Generous and flexible advantage: One Janet Thornton Fellowship is gifted per year following a competitive selection process. 
  • This Scholarship is eligible for the all Nationality or international students. 
  • The Number of Scholarships is one (!) which Janet Thornton Fellowship is awarded each year following a competitive selection method. 
  • This Scholarship will be given in the country of UK 

Eligibility Criteria:

The applicant must meet the following criteria:
The Janet Thornton Fellowship is open to scientists who:
  • have had a break from scientific research, of 12 continuous months or more, for any reason 
  • Applicant are not currently working in scientific research 
  • Applicant have at least 1 years' postdoctoral experience 

Method of Applying:

The closing date for applications is Friday 29 June 2018.
If the applicant has any questions about what is included in the Fellowship please email

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