The new Rosaria Cigliano Fellowship Program is obtainable on offer under the theme Landscape for the year 2018. Each Fellowship will last for 1 year, The Fellowship Program on the Age and the Culture of Baroque targeted to promote innovative research in this area of humanities & to help career chances for young scholars in academic and cultural institutions.

The Fondazione 1563 per l’Arte e la Cultura, an independent body set up & administered by the Compagnia di San Paolo, is a cultural foundation specializing in help for research in the humanities

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Description of Scholarship:

Rosaria Cigliano Research Fellowship Program in Italy, 2018-19, Description, Eligibility Criteria, Method of Applying, Deadline, Field of Study, Online Application
Rosaria Cigliano Research Fellowship
 Program in Italy, 2018-
  • The Last Date of the Applications is July 22, 2018 
  • The Course Level of the Fellowship is obtainable to pursue research. 
  • The Study Subject of the fellowship is The theme of research proposals for the 2018 competition is: Landscape and nature (1680-1750). 
  • The advantage of the scholarship is that Each of the 5 Fellowships will includes of an annual grant amounting to € 23,000 before tax and other charges. Each Fellowship will last for 1 year, starting 1st January 2019 and ending 31st December 2019. 
  • It may be renewed for an additional quarter, without compensation and upon request of the grantee, helped by the tutor’s opinion and subject to approval by the Foundation that reserves the right to decide on the matter. A tutor will be selected by the Foundation as an expert in the selected discipline, in agreement with the grantee, to help the grantee in the research activity and to evaluate the outcomes. 
  • The annual grant will be paid out in 3 installments: 
a) The 1st , amounting to 40% of total, when the fellowship is gifted;
b) The 2nd , amounting to 30% of total, upon submission and evaluation of the half-year report;
c) The 3rd , amounting to 30% of total, upon conclusion of the research project and evaluation thereof.
  • Refunds of documented travel and accommodation ecpenditure related to the Fellowship project are envisaged for up to € 1,500 each year and must be authorized in advance by the Foundation (“mission procedure”) on a proposal by the tutor. 
  • The scholarship is eligible for the all Nationality or International students, 
  • The Number of Scholarships is 5. 
  • This Scholarship will be given in the country of Italy. 

Eligibility Criteria:

The application must meet the following criteria:
The competition is open to researchers born after 1st January 1983 holding a university or master’s (Post-Graduate) degree, or other equivalent degrees, issued by an Italian or equa to foreign University. Priority will be given to applicants holding a PhD or equivalent from an Italian or foreign university. The competition’s accepted disciplines that may be approached also from a multi-disciplinary & cross-disciplinary standpoint are:
  • Social and demographic history 
  • Political history 
  • History of economics and history of economic thought 
  • History of science and technology 
  • History of literature 
  • History of philosophy 
  • History of music 
  • History of theater 
  • Art history 
  • History of architecture 
  • Military history. 
The applicant should have a full command in English language for the further studies.

For Ineligible you can visit to official website which is linked at the last.

Method of Applying:

The Applications will be submitted exclusively using the forms available online and following the procedure indicated on the Foundation’s website under Chi siamo/Bandi/method in corso/Borse di Alti Studi 2018 at

Online Application

Scholarship Link 


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