About Myself:

about myself my destination inspiration and how to contact with me
About Myself And
My destination And
How To Contact with me
My name is Adil Rajpoot and I am 21 year old lifestyle is blogger. I live in the province of Baluchistan. I am a student and I have done Bachelor of Arts (B.A) from University of Baluchistan Pakistan and fundamental of science (F.sc) from GOVT: Science College Quetta. I have done advance in English language grammar. i have been studding a lot of knowledge about English and related to education. I have three year experience of teaching in English language grammar as well I did the course of Diploma of information technology (DIT). I have the writing skill and a lot of knowledge about grammar. I am a creative writer; I have the ability to write creative writing and when I get free time I write articles and writing is my hobby.

My Goal and Aspiration:

My motto is to spread my knowledge with you this is why I choose to write my blog Education Motto is about Education | English | Grammar | Scholarships | Admissions Date Sheets | Examination | Results | IQ and with nice sayings, and all related to education. My publishing an average is six articles in each week focusing on daily fit up. I try to give attractive tips, also make a content project in a presentation style as well as try to motivate, encourage the creative mind and blogging is the best way to convey the information and motivation to the people and share the knowledge with you this is the reason of making blog.

How Can I Get in Contact with you?

I hope you visit for a moment and leave your emotion, affection to encourage and influence as well you can give suggestion and you can follow me by entering your email address and you can follow in twitter and other social media. You can leave your comment below.

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