Definition of English Grammar:

The word Grammar has been derived from Greek word which means letter or art. English language is the mother language of England. This language is mostly spoken in around the world Such as US 9 (United States), UK (United Kingdom), Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia and other. English is the international language in the world due to English Language is spoken all over the world. The key of every language is called Grammar. English language is comprised of Clauses, Part of Speech, Basic Structures, Phrases, Sentences, Punctuation, Capitalization, which is the basic of English language.

Basic English Grammar, Tenses, Clauses, Phrases, Part of Speech, Basic Structures, Types of Sentences, Punctuation,  Paragraph Writing, Rule of Capitalization's
Parts of Speech | Basic English grammar | tenses | Clauses

If you are interesting to know about the Basic Grammar of English Language Grammar so you in the right page because here you can find all Knowledge or Data of :

  • Basic Structures (Can, Could, May, Might, Should, Have To, Has To, Had To, Because of, Due to and Other) 
  • Types of Grammar (Case Grammar, Cognitive Grammar, Comparative Grammar, Construction Grammar, Descriptive and Prescriptive Grammar, Generative Grammar, Lexical-Functional Grammar and Lexico grammar) 
  • Types of Sentences (Declarative Sentence, Imperative Sentence, Interrogative Sentence and Exclamatory Sentence) 
  • Part of Speech (Noun and its Types, Pronoun And Types, Verb And its Types, Adverb and its Types, Adjective and its Types, Preposition and Types, Conjunction And Its Types, Interjection and Its Types) 
  • Phrases (Noun Phrase, Verb Phrase, Adjective Phrase, Adverb Phrase, Infinitive Phrase, Participle Phrase and other) 
  • Clauses (Independent Clause, Dependent Clause, Adjective Clause, Adverb Clause, Noun Clause, Relative Clause and other) 
  • Tenses (Past, Present, Future) 
  • English Grammar, Basic of Sentences 
  • Punctuation, Rule of Capitalization's, Rules of Letter 
  • Essay Writing, Paragraph Writing 
  • Active Voice and Passive Voice, Rules and Exercise, 
  • Direct and Indirect Speech, Rules and Exercise, 

Guidance for all English Language grammar. I will make you aware of all above bold points.

So you can find here Basic Grammar of English which depends of Tenses, Part of Speech, Clauses, Phrasal, Basic Structure which will improve our speaking and writing skill. Tenses details and examples

I have explained some Basic grammar Article in last you will find the links of all as well you will find each and every thing related to English grammar from Here.

Link of Basic English Grammar Articles is Below:

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Pronoun and its Types

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