Education and its Importance:

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The word education has been taken from Latin word (educare) which means to train or to nature, and (educere) meaning to lead out. Education is most important for us without education we are nothing. Now question is arising in our mind that what is education so education mean information, knowledge, learning, teaching, preparation, Schooling, training, improvement, development and literacy is called education which we can get anywhere. The key of every success is education which brings us ethic, confidence, improvement, changes in the behavior and our future will be shining just because of education.

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Education Importance

Education Advantage:

If we are educated we can easily differentiate between good and bad, best and worse, which path is right and which path is wrong so this is the benefit of education, due to education when we can speak the other person realize that he is educated so its mean we can easily know throw talking that a man is educated or not because education teaches us how to talk with elder, how to talk with parents, how to show affection on children, how to live in a society, its makes a man human, so ethic comes because of education. There is very nice quote which is ethic is a shop, the tongue is a lock, when we open the lock then we will see there is gold or coil. So this is the excellence of education to bring ethic, moral these is the advantage of education secondly if we get good education so definitely our future will bright and then a person a who want to become a doctor he or she will become a doctor and serve for the humanity at the same time a person who want to become an engineer he or she will become an engineer if he word hard or toiled.

Education Main Facts:

Education is the main factor for the progress of any nation, many countries are progressing day in and day out because the nation of that country is very educated and development of social life. They work hard for developing, progressing and bring the facilities for the people take the example of scientist due to toiled of scientist you can easily differentiate between today and before. A huge changing is occurred just due education now we have each and every facilities which is useful for us. We have a doctor, engineer, scientist, developing and progressing countries because of education. These are the importance of education so we should always toil so that we can get out goal.
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